Musicians Scam a Scammer: A Tale of Creativity and Caution

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Musicians Scam a Scammer: A Tale of Creativity and Caution

June 11
14:31 2024
Musicians thwarted a money laundering scam by turning the ordeal into a creative venture. They crafted a song and produced a video about the experience, using it as evidence and sharing it with the scammer as well as the FBI. Their response resonated with other artists, leading to a wave of solidarity and awareness.

Gulph Mills, Pennsylvania – June 10, 2024 – Robert Prester and Adriana Samargia, professional Philadelphia-based musicians have turned a potentially devastating scam attempt into a creative triumph and a cautionary tale for fellow artists.

Robert and Adriana were targeted by a scammer named Shane West, who attempted to involve them in a money laundering scheme. Realizing they were being scammed, the duo decided to turn the tables in a unique way. They wrote and released a song about their experience, complete with a music video, and sent the link to Shane West as a way of letting him know they were onto him and reporting the crime to the FBI. The video can be viewed here.

Their creative response quickly resonated with other musicians. Since then, Robert and Adriana have received dozens of texts, emails, and posts from artists across the country who have encountered the same scammer with a similar storyline. Many of these artists have avoided falling victim to the scam by searching “Shane West Scam” and finding Robert and Adriana’s story.

“Turning this negative experience into a positive and preventive tool for others has been incredibly rewarding,” said Robert Prester. “We never imagined our song would have such an impact.”

Adriana Samargia added, “It’s important for artists to be aware and vigilant. Scammers like Shane West prey on our passion and creativity, but we can fight back with awareness and solidarity.”

Robert and Adriana hope their story continues to help others avoid scams and find creative ways to turn negative experiences into positive actions.

For more information, please visit their blog post and video on their website.

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