The new book “Dream Catcher: Accessing Infinity” explores the rich symbolism and alternate reality of dreams

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The new book “Dream Catcher: Accessing Infinity” explores the rich symbolism and alternate reality of dreams

March 09
22:34 2023

Author Jerry Thomas Caplinger shares his Journey and provides tools for readers to catch their dreams.

With negativity and depression on the rise across the planet, many people are seeking solutions to improve their current situation and unlock their potential. The new book, Dream Catcher: Accessing Infinity, proposes a non-conventional way for people to bring about change by understanding their subconscious and their dreams.

Drawing on his own experiences and insights, author Jerry Thomas Caplinger from southwest Arkansas used the techniques outlined in the book to understand his struggles, emotions, and the symbols and locations in his dreams, as well as his collection of thoughts. This helped him overcome the obstacles in his life, including growing up in a troubled household with a strict and authoritarian father, to achieve remarkable things. He served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam era before receiving an honourable discharge. Later, he served for more than three decades in the telecommunications industry, where he played a part in industry-leading services development.

The comprehensive guide to the practice of dream-catching and understanding dreams covers a wide range of topics, including the science of dreaming and practical tips for catching and interpreting dreams.

Speaking on occasion, the author said, “Dreams are infinite and fascinating. Everyone dreams, but not everyone ponders their meaning or thinks about harnessing their power. Dreams offer us a window into our subconscious minds and can help us better understand our deepest desires and the environment around us. They provide glimpses of alternative realities and unbounded possibilities that people can access”.

He continued, “Those who are known to be creative and get lost in their imagination will be amazed by the possibilities they can achieve. The book is perfect for those interested in learning about a reality beyond waking consciousness. It will provide them with a platform to explore the alternate world. I hope to inspire readers to take the first step on their dream-catching Journey and unlock the hidden potential of their dreams”.

The book will help people get started with the art of dream-catching from a seasoned practitioner who has a wealth of knowledge to help them understand the deeper meanings of their dreams. Moreover, the book teaches people how they can attract positive energies in their lives and ward off negative ones.

People interested in reading the book can purchase their paperback or digital copy on Kindle today by visiting Amazon at

About the Author

Jerry Thomas Caplinger grew up in southwest Arkansas in a household that included one sister and four brothers. He retired after a successful 34-year career in the telecommunications industry. Previously, he served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam conflict by teaching aircraft weapons systems maintenance, helping maintain nuclear weapons, and observing weapons loading teams in Greece. He was promoted to E-5 (Staff Sergeant) before receiving an honourable discharge. Now in retirement, he plays golf as much as he can, fishes and hunts whenever possible, and pursues his interests in music, metaphysics, science, photography, and archaeological discoveries. He also has five great-grandchildren.

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