Top 5 Best Crypto Portfolio Management Platforms

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Top 5 Best Crypto Portfolio Management Platforms

October 31
22:18 2022

Facing a yield tracking issue? Are you unable to properly assess the value of your crypto portfolio? Still, using Excel to analyze asset movement over time? Hey, friends, don’t you think it’s time to stop wasting time? In today’s article, we have collected the best crypto portfolio management applications that have already been evaluated in the crypto world.

What Is a Portfolio Manager?

A portfolio manager is a software, website, mobile app, and other types of platform that allows you to manage your crypto investments and monitor how asset values change in real time. 

Such platforms are designed to provide a holistic view of the balance of the cryptocurrency portfolio, the real price of Bitcoin and altcoins, and the performance of the market. They allow tracking all crypto investments at any time from one place in just a couple of clicks. 

So, we present to your attention the top 5 best crypto portfolio management applications.

1st place — Wallmer 

For who? For beginners, and crypto-savvy users o do not want to switch between applications. 

Price: Freemium

Wallmer portfolio manager — This program is new to the cryptocurrency market, however, the platform has managed to establish itself as a safe and convenient service for managing crypto portfolios. It absorbed all the best from the next four services.

Wallmer Monitoring is a service with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to study, track, analyze and predict the benefits of using cryptocurrencies. It saves users time and provides useful analytics for buying cryptocurrencies in bright, clear charts.

 Here you can follow: 

  • the total number of wallets;
  • the total number and value of crypto assets;
  • asset allocation;
  • all-to-all crypto exchange;
  • growth leaders;
  • fall leaders;
  • coins in trend;
  • upcoming events;
  • Hive OS indicator;
  • recent transactions.

Once connected, Wallmer starts tracking your deposits, withdrawals, trading, and other transactions. You can also view your wallet balance, trading data, as well as the value of investments and changes in your account.

Wallmer calculates your capital gains and losses and makes it easy to report and track with one click.

And most importantly, it’s all absolutely free for the first several exchanges.

2nd place — CoinTracker

For who? Experienced crypto hodlers who are not intimidated by the complex interface and rich functionality.

Price: Freemium

CoinTracker — is a specialized platform where you can see not only the current balance of the portfolio but also data that helps you make the best decision on buying/selling assets. Available on the web and as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The platform offers real-time asset market value charts, optimizes cost-based accounting, and supports tax loss collection.

CoinTracker offers a free plan to track daily portfolio updates and portfolio allocation. To get access to more functions and the ability to connect more portfolios, you will need to upgrade to a subscription that costs $14/month.

3rd place — CoinStats

For who? For investors and companies.

Price: Freemium 

CoinStats — premium cryptocurrency portfolio management app that allows you to track crypto, DeFi, and NFT assets. 

CoinStats allows you to connect and view the entire crypto portfolio, track profits and losses, and find coins with great potential. CoinStats keeps up to date with trending news in the market.

With instant notifications, transactional analytics, and fast trading, this tracker is suitable for investors who want to increase their profits.

CoinStats has a free and premium version. The free version has most of the tools that many newbies can use. The premium version costs only $11.99/month and has an extended list of features.

For $399 you can buy an “eternal” subscription to the premium plan.


4th place — Delta 

For who? For beginners who want to get the simplest and most functional portfolio manager.

Price: Freemium is called one of the best crypto portfolio management apps. It features a minimalist design and an intuitive interface. 

New generation Delta supports portfolio value tracking and provides coin analysis charts, volume, market capitalization, etc. Allows you to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, and futures and conduct interest rate swaps on Bitcoin.

Delta is free to download for iOS and Android. The base tariff supports transaction history, coin splits, and asset sources.

Delta also offers a Pro version for $7/month for iOS and $8.5/month for Android. In the professional version, the application removes the limitation on the number of portfolios and provides access to advanced functionality.

An interesting feature of Delta is the “Account Recovery” function. The application generates a secret code that can be used to recover your account.

5th place — Kubera

For who? Investors in various fields. 

Price: $15/ month or $150/year 

Kubera — is an all-in-one multi-investment platform for tracking the status of various asset classes, including crypto, private real estate, cars, precious metals, and more.

To monitor crypto assets, Kubera uses API imports. If the exchange is not listed, it can be added manually.

Users can add an unlimited number of portfolios. Simplified transfer of crypto assets to any fiat currency is available within the application.

Kubera is perfect when it comes to privacy and security. The platform does not collect user data, does not integrate advertising, and uses advanced encryption.

Unfortunately, Kubera does not offer a free version, and a 14-day trial period of use will cost you $1.


The process of tracking the profits and losses of crypto assets is one of the most important tasks for successful crypto investing. It is important not to miss even the slightest detail so as not to lose everything to the last token. And if you have several hundred assets at your disposal, it is almost impossible to cope with the task on your own. This is why crypto portfolio management platforms come into play. 

We hope our selection of the top five crypto portfolio management apps will help you make the right choice for successful crypto investing.

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