Kevin Goodnight’s New Book Offers Advice on Relentlessly Pursuing Success

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Kevin Goodnight’s New Book Offers Advice on Relentlessly Pursuing Success

October 31
13:58 2022
The author believes success can be achieved by breaking down goals into measurable tasks.

The most effective strategies for achieving success are those that are organized, efficient, and easily measurable. The Power of Leadership with Kevin Goodnight (now available on Amazon) is a book loaded with cutting-edge and traditional strategies for setting goals and pursuing them. Using well-illustrated examples, the author spells out how one should define goals, understand their intentions, and work to achieve them.

Kevin Goodnight is an ex-combat medic turned professional business consultant, coach, and author of several industry books. With over three decades of business consulting experience, Kevin’s unique perspective shines through in his consulting systems. Using this unique perspective, he works with business clients suffering from stagnancy in growth.

When it comes to achieving success, Kevin brings a very systematic approach to the table: “Begin by taking a step back and taking an eagle’s view of your life. Next, decide on your long-term goals. Finally, you break these goals down into easily achievable tasks.”

Kevin invites readers to take the first steps towards goal setting by asking them a set of questions that evaluate their:

• Work-life balance
• Current levels of happiness
• Situations, goals, and core values that’ll lead them to success

Kevin offers detailed examples with every lesson he teaches. This helps break down complex topics so readers can quickly take in the information and apply it to their lives.

As he goes through various lessons, Kevin stresses to his readers that certain temptations may block them from growing. He advises that it’s best to avoid the near occasion of being tempted so nothing ever stunts your growth.

“They [successful people] avoid situations that would lead them to temptation. If you do give in, get back on track without self-recrimination and, instead, be determined to make a better choice next time,” says Kevin.

The Power of Leadership with Kevin Goodnight is a work loaded with advice based on both theory and experience. It gives readers a unique spin on what values can lead them to achieve their life goals.

James Buchannon, COO of a large brick-and-mortar retail company, shares Kevin’s impressive ability to teach others effectively: “Where do I even start? I met Kevin maybe twelve years ago, and I became one of his consulting clients about nine years ago. All I can say is I have never encountered anyone with the ability to take simple business practices and dumb them down as simply as Kevin does. Once we talk, I always say, ‘Now, why couldn’t I see that?’ He has become our only source of advice in our highly competitive company. If you ever have the chance to work with him, do not hesitate.”

Sandy Trevino, a real estate broker, explains how working with Kevin leveraged her success: “When I found Kevin about five years ago, I had been through five different consultants. I wanted to grow my business from two offices to five and get help recruiting as we seemed to be stuck with only twelve agents. Well, three years later, we grew to fifteen offices with over 120 agents, and we were just acquired last month. I’m at a loss for words. We couldn’t have done it without him.”

The Power of Leadership with Kevin Goodnight is now for sale on Amazon.

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