Why Choose Battery & Hydraulic Powered Crimp Tools Instead of Hand Tools

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Why Choose Battery & Hydraulic Powered Crimp Tools Instead of Hand Tools

October 28
16:12 2022

Why Choose Battery&Hydraulic Powered Crimp Tools Instead of Hand Tools

Historically, a crimp connector that ties two electric lines together is typically secured by a manually operated crimper—with or without hydraulic assist.

However, for a variety of reasons, battery-powered crimping tools are increasingly popular among electrical contractors. Though expensive to purchase—in the range of two to three times the price of a similarly functioned hand-hydraulic model and perhaps five to six times the price of a manual unit—they are often well worth the investment in terms of time and effort saved. The higher cost is partly justified because battery-operatedcrimpers incorporate a hydraulic pump, which is, in itself, expensive. Another factor, relative volume compared to other battery-powered tools, is low.) But battery-powered crimpers are fast, easy to take to the job, and especially handy on work sites where electric power is not readily available at the location where the worker will perform the crimps. Featuring minimal setup time, they are typically simple and easy to operate—just pull the trigger—and are more or less foolproof.

They even signal when the crimp is complete. Because the compression cycle in a battery-powered crimper is preset and therefore controlled by the tool, rather than the tool operator, the crimps are reliably uniform, time after time after time. Speed On almost any job, a tool that does its task fast is welcome. Battery tools are faster than any of the hydraulic or manual tool alternatives. People might use as a benchmark, for comparison purposes, a complete crimp in 20 seconds or less. While they may manually equal or beat that time initially, few of us have the muscle tone or energy to keep that up. To increase crimping speed, some manufacturers have made tools with two speeds on the hydraulic pump. The dual-speed pump would use a fast speed when the ram is running up to contact the connector, and then shift to a slower speed to finish the crimp. At the slower speed, the tool has more power to generate the force to complete the crimp.

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