A Travel Enthusiast And Fashion Blogger, Zaid Imran Takes Pride In Sharing His Incredible Experience Of Visiting The Fascinating Locations Of London

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A Travel Enthusiast And Fashion Blogger, Zaid Imran Takes Pride In Sharing His Incredible Experience Of Visiting The Fascinating Locations Of London

October 28
07:57 2022

With the obsession to travel the world’s most popular vicinities, Zaid Imran shares his fascinating traveling experience of London.

Known as the capital of the United Kingdom, London is a vibrant multicultural metropolis that contrasts the spectacular historical sites with the grind of a big city; the rich culture and exciting London weather make the city an interesting and exciting destination. London is considered one of the world’s best cities, with a diverse population, charming pubs, world-class museums, and phenomenal weather. Being a zealous and highly enthusiastic traveler, Zaid Imran has roved around numerous cities around the world, paying his recent visit to London city and loving every bit of the vibe. From Punjab to Pakistan to Dubai to Morocco to London, he leaves a trail of his footsteps everywhere he goes, making sure to cherish those memories forever.

With a willingness to share his incredible travel experience with his audience, Zaid Imran strives to provide every detail of his journey using cutting-edge technology, especially for people who do not have enough resources for traveling. In his exploration of the London Eye and Tower of London, one of London’s most popular attractions, Zaid Imran was mesmerized by the location. The London Eye now offers a variety of experiences including Food, Private Pods, Cupid’s Pod, and the unforgettable Eye Lounge; a luxurious bar with spectacular views. He made sure to preserve a great view of London and the city’s most famous buildings in digital form so that he could later share them with his vast audience.

“My website is filled with information about new cuisines, my passion for traveling, and my endless love for nature. My Instagram profile has already gathered a good number of fans following where I love to showcase my interest and obsession for exploring the corners,” says Zaid Imran.

Moreover, having an adventurous personality and a love for exploring places, Zaid Imran also visited the famous London Zoo to gain a new and breathtaking experience of wildlife and nature. While paying a visit to the zoo, Zaid Imran made sure to record the entertaining and astounding vibe of the place for all the animal lovers, enlightening them with the various new features opened at the zoo. As part of his trip to the London Zoo, Zaid Imran has also covered the Australian-themed exhibits, the indoor Rainforest exhibits, and the Penguin Beach exhibit, which contains the largest penguin pool in England. To reach out to those who are unable to travel due to various reasons by providing them with every bit of the traveling details, Zaid Imran took a tour of several renowned London hotels to get to know about their facilities and charges.

Besides covering the most notorious places in London, including the London aquarium, Zaid Imran aims to travel to 100 different countries in the next five years and make the most out of his trips.

Zaid Imran further adds, “My aim behind sharing my experiences and knowledge is to preserve them in digital form so that anyone can take benefit from them. If you wish to check my lifestyle, food and nature-related blog, follow me on my Instagram account.”

For more information, visit his Instagram account, https://www.instagram.com/zaidimrn.

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