Ruben Martinez, founder and CEO of City Insight Houston, is helping agents get a jumpstart on their careers.

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Ruben Martinez, founder and CEO of City Insight Houston, is helping agents get a jumpstart on their careers.

October 27
08:36 2022

“Helping agents scale their business and helping buyers and sellers make wise decisions.”

In an environment where things are constantly in flux, being informed is the best armor that real estate agents and homeowners have. Keeping up with changing market trends is not an easy feat today, especially with an information overload that requires people to filter through all the noise to get quality information.

Ruben Martinez, a Houston broker, marketing practitioner, and entrepreneur, understands the plight of agents and homeowners. Having been in the Houston real estate space for quite a while, he has gained valuable experience that he now shares to help agents solidify their careers. Ruben is the founder and CEO of City Insight Houston. This real estate brokerage provides up-to-date data and insights into the real estate market in Houston and surrounding areas.

City Insight Houston was established in 2017 as a real estate company that would help simplify the process of purchasing real estate in Houston. The company leverages data to clearly map paths to success in the industry. With this insight, agents and homeowners can take actionable steps and decisions. “With that mission in mind, we are able to expand our services to help sellers, renters, and even other business solutions.”

For agents, placing their customers before profits is vital for growth in real estate. Agents must also be adaptable, forward-thinking, and keep abreast with changing trends. Through his company and digital platforms, Ruben educates agents, brokers, buyers, and sellers on crucial areas in the industry. This empowers agents by offsetting some common challenges that they run into in this field.

When Ruben first stepped into the real estate market in Houston, Texas, there was a lot of fluctuation, and the reigning question at the time was, “how’s the market?” Back then, agents would dart around the question without giving a straight answer. Now, Ruben shares that a blanket answer just won’t cut it anymore. Professional realtors must be able to provide an answer based on client needs and the market.

Even with the data and insights, it is impossible to eliminate all risks in real estate. This is why Ruben advocates for calculated risk. There is always some level of risk involved, and to succeed in real estate, buyers, sellers and agents must accept that and learn how to manage these risks. Ruben has built his career and business in real estate around helping people work smarter by leveraging strategies and technologies that promote growth and success.

The real estate market in Houston is ripe with opportunity. It has grown into one of the most sought-after destinations; therefore, agents must put their best foot forward to jumpstart their careers in this lucrative space.

To jumpstart a career in real estate, learn and grow with Ruben via his company City Insight Houston or join him on his social media platforms and podcast where he shares his studies, failures and successes.

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