Joseph Ghazarian’s Secret to Financial Growth in a Time of War and Pandemic

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Joseph Ghazarian’s Secret to Financial Growth in a Time of War and Pandemic

September 23
16:43 2022
Joseph Ghazarian's Secret to Financial Growth in a Time of War and Pandemic

After the pandemic began in 2020, a war between Russia and Ukraine erupted, damaging the world economy. While the economic downturn negatively impacted many people, one man was able to expand his resources and develop a desire to share them with everyone. After the Russia-Ukraine war began, financial analyst Joseph Ghazarian began earning $115,000 per month from his portfolio.

At 39, Joseph accomplished a feat that most businesspeople dream of: working only ten hours per week and spending the rest of his time with his family. He took a leap of faith, applied his knowledge, and began to concentrate more on investing during one of the worst stock market slumps in history at the height of the pandemic’s desperation. Joseph amassed an $800,000 portfolio in less than a year from a $7,000 initial investment in the stock market, particularly in MicroSectors US Big Oil Index. He started investing a few days after the pandemic, right as the market began to fall. His financial strategy was straightforward: “What can I grab that is only hit because of the COVID-19?”

He advised investing a “chunk of every single paycheck” in the stock market, adhering to his financial motto. He contends that the opportunity is enormous and that “you are not even going to realize you are missing it.” While Joseph took a more active role in his investments, picking individual stocks can be challenging and dangerous. This is how a lot of investors, both new and experienced, lose money. 

Joseph made investing in stocks his new pastime. To improve his day trading skills, he constantly studied the markets, watched YouTube videos before bed, and listened to audiobooks while he worked. He also continued to invest in the market, as he knew that he could learn more by doing so whenever he could. Joseph was successful in his venture because he concentrated on the market during one of the swiftest economic collapses in history, followed by a speedy recovery. 

Joseph pursued his education at California State University, Northridge. He is knowledgeable about the market and trend analysis as well as oil trade and investment strategies and uses his expertise to predict and maximize the future. Joseph does not only excel in the business world. In fact, he has always had a strong interest in fashion, passionate about using beauty and art to strengthen communities. He has played a significant role in several upscale fashion and beauty pageants in the past few years, thanks to his business acumen and strong background in interior design.

Following the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, he resumed his knowledge and investment strategy, as well as day-trading in commodities, particularly oil and natural gas. He claims to have earned $115,000 per month in portfolio income from oil and gas trading over the last six months.

Joseph knows how fortunate he has been because of an unusual and dramatic financial upswing like this, and he is grateful for it. He also encourages the youth to comprehend the broader principles of investing. For a better understanding of how compound interest can operate, he advises adopting an investment mindset. Finally, he suggests following your gut instinct when making investment decisions.

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