Check these details before using a horizontal lathe in Southeast Asia

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Check these details before using a horizontal lathe in Southeast Asia

September 22
13:42 2022

A horizontal lathe is a machine tool that mainly uses a turning tool to turn a rotating workpiece. On the lathe, drills, reamers, reamers, taps, dies and knurling tools can also be used for corresponding processing.

1. Check whether the oil circuit connection of the lathe is normal, and whether the rotating parts are flexible or not, and then start the machine.

 2.Work clothes should be worn, cuffs should be fastened, and protective caps should be worn on the head. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves for operation. If operators are engaged in cutting and sharpening, they should wear protective glasses.

3. When the horizontal lathe is started, first observe whether the operation of the equipment is in a normal state. The turning tool should be firmly clamped. Pay attention to check the depth of the cutting tool. It must not exceed the load setting of the equipment itself, and the protruding part of the tool head must not exceed the height of the tool body. When turning the tool holder, the tool should be retracted to a safe position to prevent the turning tool from hitting the chuck. If large workpieces are to be lifted or dropped, the bed should be padded with wooden boards. If the crane needs to cooperate with the workpiece loading and unloading, the spreader can be removed after the chuck is clamped, and all power supplies of the crane are disconnected; after the workpiece clamp is clamped, the lathe can be rotated until the spreader is unloaded.

4. To adjust the variable speed of the horizontal lathe machine, it must be stopped first and then converted. It is not allowed to change the speed when the lathe is turned on, so as not to damage the gears. When the lathe is turned on, the turning tool should slowly approach the workpiece to prevent chips from hurting people or damage to the workpiece.

5.The operator is not allowed to leave the position at will without authorization, and is not allowed to play jokes. If there is something to leave, the power supply must be shut down. During the work process, the mind must be concentrated, and the work cannot be measured when the lathe is running, and it is not allowed to change clothes near the running lathe; Personnel who have not yet obtained the employment certificate cannot operate the lathe alone.

6.The workplace should be kept clean, the workpieces should not be stacked too high, and the iron filings should be cleaned up in time. Once the electrical appliance of the horizontal lathe fails, no matter the size, the power supply will be cut off immediately, and the professional electrician will repair it in time to ensure the normal operation of the lathe.


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