Property Records of Illinois Warns IL Homeowners Against Renovations That Can Drastically Reduce Property Value

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Property Records of Illinois Warns IL Homeowners Against Renovations That Can Drastically Reduce Property Value

September 22
04:06 2022
Property Records of Illinois Warns IL Homeowners Against Renovations That Can Drastically Reduce Property Value

Property Records of Illinois located in East Moline, IL knows that a large number of homebuyers will renovate their home before listing them on the real estate market with the expectation to drive up their home’s value. The idea of this is to get more money out of the home after it sells. It is common for homeowners to think that any improvement will add value to a property, a recent article posted online details that, and to the contrary, some renovations will bring down the resale value. This post shares four various renovations that will hurt the home’s property value.


1. Too Much Landscaping


The first renovation mistake is to have too much landscaping done in the front or backyard. A large number of home buyers don’t want the responsibility of maintaining the landscaping every few days and others don’t have the financial means to hire someone else to do so.


2. Turning the Garage into a Man’s Cave


Renovation mistake number two is turning the garage into a man’s cave or an extra family room. A large portion of homebuyers want garage space for cars and won’t consider buying a home if it’s lacking this feature. This is particularly true in areas where there is a parking issue and the homebuyer will have to park in the street. In other areas garages are expected to come with the home.

When families contact the Property Records of Illinois, they are interested in knowing if a property has major renovations done to the home. A large portion of people considers turning the garage into a man cave a major renovation.


3. Bedroom Removal


Renovation mistake number three is removing a bedroom. People who remove bedrooms are usually individuals who want to expand their master bedroom or living room. Other people want to expand or create an office and they start by tearing down a bedroom. There was a study that an extra bedroom is highly requested by new home buyers due to a growing family.


4. Colors That Are Too Personal


The final tip the Property Records of Illinois gives is to avoid colors that are too personal. These can be colors on fixtures, walls, ceilings, and lights. The best thing to do is to keep the colors neutral so that anyone can enjoy them. Creating a cozy living space is one thing, but adding too much personality to it will scare potential homebuyers. 

“Renovations should be done by homeowners that are willing to stay long term to see the personalization benefits,” comments a representation from Property Records of Illinois. “If the homeowner is planning to move in a short period of time, they should only do a renovation that is necessary to the home. This will make it easier to close the deal when it’s time to sell. The first thing a short-period homeowner should do is consult with a local real estate professional to see what renovations (if any) will add the most value to the property. And what renovations are required on the market for the right asking price.”


The professionals at the Property Records of Illinois suggest that homeowners take these tips seriously to determine which home renovation they need before listing the home on the market.


5. Removing Landscape and Adding Concrete


Some people like landscape and other people like concrete back or front yard.  Adding concrete to a landscape area might slimmer the chances of selling a home. Families might want a grass area to have the kids run on while others might like more of the natural feeling instead of concrete all over the place. Adding concrete to the front or back yard will have potential homebuyers deciding if removing the concrete area is worth it.


Property Records of Illinois and Real Estate


Property Records of Illinois is an East Moline company that offers its clientele targeted property history reports that implements data for specific real estate assets which they want. Whether he or she is looking to buy or sell a home. Each report has data regarding the property itself as well as the surrounding neighborhood and speaks to a wide range of details. Including teacher-to-student ratio, criminal activity, sales history, foreclosure history, property value, and more. Property Records of Illinois have established positive working relationships with residents in the county and federal offices to facilitate the gathering of necessary data and the timely delivery of property history reports.

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