Merlion Academy Wants to Make a Difference With Leading Diploma Courses in Psychology, and Paediatric Therapy

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Merlion Academy Wants to Make a Difference With Leading Diploma Courses in Psychology, and Paediatric Therapy

September 21
18:46 2022

Merlion Academy, under Merlion APAC Group, is a leading training institute that focuses on providing holistic psychology and education therapy courses in order to encourage more interest and knowledge in the fields of psychology and neurodevelopmental practices in childcare.

Merlion Academy

In partnership with OTHM, Pearson and the International Association of Therapists (IAoTh), Merlion Academy offers well-designed adult training courses in fields such as psychology and education therapy. The curricula provide robust, in-depth knowledge that bridges gaps in the existing learning ecosystem and raises the standards of qualification in Asia.

Directed by qualified lecturers who are PhD holders and practising registered therapists, students can accelerate their education pathways with internationally recognised qualifications. Accelerated short courses are also offered in order to achieve executive program certificates and executive diplomas.

Merlion Academy adopts a pragmatic approach to their pedagogy. Courses are taught through a variety of mediums such as case analyses and papers, but with an emphasis on applied learning, so students will have both theoretical and practical experience to achieve their goals.

Following that, as a requirement of the qualification, students must publish research papers in peer-reviewed journals. And they have succeeded! With various papers published, Merlion Academy’s students have further stimulated the knowledge base in psychology through their accredited research.

Merlion Academy provides excellent career development support. Students that are interested in becoming licensed therapists or counsellors can join as an affiliate member of the British Psychological Society or American Psychiatric Association. They have additional opportunities to become members of the International Associate of Therapists or the International Association of Counsellors.

After finishing these courses, students can pursue their higher education in the United Kingdom (UK) or United States of America (USA) with gained credit exemptions for undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees or Master’s degrees. They can also gain module exemptions on membership qualifying examinations.

In the face of a world where therapy is in high demand, Merlion Academy aims to make a difference by adopting a higher standard of education and qualification. Through their academy, they provide accessible and affordable courses that set interested students on a path for success. Merlion Academy focuses on rigorous education and service-line training in order to shape the minds of competitive, knowledgeable therapists and professionals. 

Paediatric Therapy

Not only are there opportunities for diploma and certificate courses, but Merlion also provides an active practice in paediatric therapy.

Merlion’s Paediatric Centre focuses on inclusive therapy consultation and counselling with all diagnoses grounded in neuroscience. Using a comprehensive Psychoeducational Diagnostic Assessment (PDA), Merlion Paediatric Centre competently assesses disorders, developmental disabilities, physiological and health impairments, learning disabilities, and speech and language impairments among others. Post-diagnosis, they provide multiple carefully-tailored therapies and treatments including educational therapy, occupational therapy, arts therapy, creative therapy, music therapy, counselling and speech therapy, and early intervention programs.

Prior to treatment, the biggest concern for parents of children with disorders is their worry about how their children are going to live alone in the future. Merlion Paediatric Centre endeavours to alleviate that worry by preparing both their patients and parents. Throughout the consultation and suggested treatment processes, clients and their parents will be able to understand the root issue, what needs to be treated and how, and the progress. As such, Merlion Paediatric Centre further addresses gaps in education about psychological disorders and disabilities by offering short training workshops for parents to participate in.

All of these treatment plans and processes are designed with the sole purpose of providing youths with the skills and knowledge they will need for the future. Merlion believes that in order to change the structural issues of therapy, they need to be industry leaders and focus on using scientific evidence as a guide, sharing knowledge and most importantly, compassion.

The Vision Behind It All

Merlion Academy’s experience and research in the field has increased their acute awareness of a critical need to raise the assessment standards in Singapore and other Asian countries. Incomplete, incomprehensive or even mis-diagnoses can subsequently lead to the proposed therapy lacking efficacy, setting the patient on the wrong trajectory and possibly harming their progress later in life. Additionally, early childhood teachers are often untrained in psychological assessment and therefore, are unable to properly assist the child nor advise the parents.

Moreover, according to The American Psychological Association, as stated in The Washington Post, 65% of psychologists surveyed did not have the capacity for new patients and 68% had longer wait lists than 2020. It is even more difficult to find specialised paediatric therapy for children with disorders or disabilities. In that vein, Autism Spectrum News shared a story where the waiting time for initial consultation was six to nine months away. For many children with disorders, that may well be too late.

After noticing this severe shortage of qualified registered psychologists yet a huge demand, Merlion Academy decided to take on the challenge and build a leading training academy of interested parties.

Hence, with their team of experienced registered therapists and educators, Merlion Academy’s goal is to groom and shape the next generation of aspiring teachers, educators, childcare professionals, counsellors and inclusive therapists. Through quality and robust training, they want to arm their students and clients with the knowledge, skills and independence they need to thrive in the future.

Moving forward, Merlion Academy aims to work with universities to expand their sphere of knowledge, and offer diverse options to students across Asia.

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