DOG CARE – Big Deals on Dog Grooming Clippers

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DOG CARE – Big Deals on Dog Grooming Clippers

September 20
09:39 2022

More and more people choose to keep pets for certain reasons. Owning a pet usually means an increase in living expenses including pets’ food, toys, bathing, and so on. For a dog owner, the cost of taking a dog to a pet barbershop can take between $30 to $90. However, with a hair clipper and a little time devoted, a good deal of money can be saved.

Tips Before Purchasing Dog Hair Clippers

l  Suits the Length of the Hair

l  Less noise

l  Comfortable Weight and Grip

l  Longer Battery Life

DOG CARE dog grooming clippers can meet the above requirements. They are popular among dog owners and are having big deals recently. Their dog grooming clippers have the following advantages.



Smart and User Friendly

DOG CARE dog grooming clipper has a smart mode, when working in this smart mode, it is sensitive to the level of the dog hair thickness and adjusts the speed automatically. It’s really friendly to new hands since they don’t have to learn any additional skills to operate the clipper.

Creative LED Display Screen.

Equipped with powerful algorithms, DOG CARE trimmer has the ability to calculate the remaining working time in real time. The creative LED display shows the exact working mode and operating speed, intelligently monitors the temperature and the life of the blade, and automatically reminds the lubrication of the blade. With its LED screen, the dog owner can be clear about every detail and have access to better grooming experiences.


Auxiliary Light Design

DOG CARE clipper comes with a proper illumination light option which is situated at the tail of the clipper, helping the dog owner to get the perfect trimming even in the darker areas with efficiency.

Heatproof & Removable Blade.

DOG CARE dog clipper is made of alloy material and an aerodynamic structure. Featuring unique heatproof blades and air-flow mechanics structure design, DOG CARE keeps the blades cooler at 107.6 degrees or lower. Other clippers can reach up to 118.4 to 136.4 degrees, temps that are uncomfortable for pets. The blades can be removed hassle free with just a push of the thumb which makes it more favorable to clean and maintain it.


Cordless Clipper with Long-lasting Battery.

DOG CARE grooming clipper can deliver 180 minutes of lasting support after a full charge, which aids in grooming multiple dogs in one grooming session and charge. It’s perfect for homes/families with several dogs. It also comes with a convenient USB port charging which can be easily put to charge.

Quiet Mode with Less Noise

For dog owners who prefer a quiet grooming clipper, DOG CARE is also a good choice as it has both turbo mode and quiet mode. With quiet mode, the speed is relatively slow and the sound is gentle.

DOG CARE dog grooming clippers are having big deals till Sep 25. Click on the links below to find out more and seize the discounts:

DOG CARE Grooming Clipper with LED Display and Heatproof


Original Price: $119.99

Deal Price: $95.99 (20% off)

DOG CARE Grooming Clipper


Original Price: $59.99

Deal Price: $47.99  (20% off)

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