The Hollywood Book Reviews on The Strength of the Nation by Luisa Mirella Plancher

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The Hollywood Book Reviews on The Strength of the Nation by Luisa Mirella Plancher

August 06
05:02 2022
The Hollywood Book Reviews on The Strength of the Nation by Luisa Mirella Plancher

This book was written and assembled delightedly by the author with the only goal of bringing attention to the topics of unity and peace. Sweet-natured Author Luisa Mirella Plancher continuously spreads the messages of love, unity, and peace. She notes that her book will bring solace and a much-needed happy escape from a fast-paced world.           

Susan Gattis of Hollywood Review indicates that, although Plancher’s book is a little idealistic, undoubtedly brings surprising benefits.

The Strength of the Nation provides a timeless description of the biblical truth to inform and influence our political thinking while combining cutting-edge perspectives on religion to offer challenging new arguments about making America inclusive again.

It contains spiritual strategies to clean up the political mess and restore America’s leadership in the world.         

“The book encourages readers to communicate with the Holy Spirit and embraces the Holy message of God. As we attempt to carve out our path in the world, books like these inspire us to become better. Therefore, as you read her book, you also pray.

“Much of the book was about turning our thoughts and actions toward Jesus. 

“As a Christian, I too believe He is the way.  Meanwhile, I also am impressed by those of other faiths who live good and devout lives based on their religions.  I believe groups of good people working together can bring a change which is much needed in this world.”

Susan Gattis, writing for Hollywood Review, wrote: “I found that The Strength of the Nation is a thought-provoking book which made me turn my view inward as well as focusing on the world around me.”

Gattis, in her review piece, noted that the book pleasantly surprised her. “What I found was an honest and hopeful book that pointed that if we all work together we can make a better world: 

  1. Politicians no longer fighting and sticking to different sides of the aisle,
  2. People being willing to lend a hand and help others in need,
  3. A return to faith as a cornerstone.

So that was not a stretch for me.  It is often in our quiet moments that we can see these truths.”

Overall, the reader will enjoy The Strength of the Nation, as Gattis noted, the book is stimulating, and easy to read with a breath of fresh air brought by pictures.

You can read the full review here:

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