What Are the Differences Between Open Type and Silent Generator

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What Are the Differences Between Open Type and Silent Generator

August 05
15:41 2022

Diesel generator set is a kind of power generation equipment with strong mobility. It can provide electric energy continuously, stably and safely, so it is used as standby and emergency power supply in many fields. According to the appearance and structure, diesel generator set can be divided into open type, silent type, truck mounted generator, mobile trailer generator and containerized generator. Today, Dingbo power will talk about open type and silent type generator.

Open type diesel generator set

Open type diesel generator set is a generator set directly installed on the metal frame or structure supporting the machine and auxiliary equipment. The system is conducive to its manufacture and implementation.

The advantages of open type diesel generator set are:

Obtaining parts is very easy.

Its maintenance is easier and faster.

It helps the heat generated by the machine dissipate quickly.

The simplicity of the open diesel generator set makes it cheaper.

 Open type diesel generator

However, open type generator must be installed in the room without excessive humidity, sufficient ventilation, cleaning, etc. All these functions are necessary for the normal operation of open devices.

When the generator set is installed near the inhabited or working area, special attention must be paid to taking appropriate room sound insulation measures to comply with local regulations.

Silent diesel generator set

Silent diesel generator sets usually use metal casings to protect the equipment, so they can be installed anywhere.

The main functions of the enclosure are to protect the generator set from adverse weather and other adverse environmental factors, to provide greater comfort to customers and to isolate the adverse effects of the generator set during operation.

The enclosure protects generator from rain, moisture, dust and dirt, and provides an enclosure for the equipment to protect its components from improper handling. This allows the generator set to be placed almost anywhere. In addition, through the insulation, ventilation, heating and other elements integrated in the shell, the equipment can adapt to the cold, hot, humid and dusty environment.

The enclosure usually contains barriers for sound insulation, electromagnetic radiation and ground vibration. In short, it isolates all harmful and unpleasant effects of generator sets, so that customers can perceive them as little as possible when technology allows, and always comply with existing regulations.

However, it must always be considered that although the housing is perfect, the generator set always needs cooling, which can usually be solved by adequate air circulation. It also needs to pass through the exhaust outlet of the exhaust muffler. Although the insulation is good, and even be very quiet.

Another advantage of silent diesel generator set is easy transportation. In this sense, the most common form of high-power generator set is to use sea ISO containers to make the enclosure. Through this form, generator sets can be transported directly, does not need extra cargo container for shipment.

Why choose silent diesel generator set?

Silent diesel generators require more work and dedication in design and manufacturing, which makes them more expensive at first. But there are many advantages:

They are suitable for outdoor installation. Their housings protect components from water intrusion.

It can reach the installation site, install, connect and put into use without any major requirements. This means that when it is impossible to install the sound insulation device in a specific air-conditioned room in the building, the sound insulation device is the most suitable choice for outdoor installation.

If the generator must be installed in an inhabited area, hospital or emergency, this format provides a great advantage, that is, connecting and preparing it for safe operation, and maintaining comfort and safety limits for users.

 Silent diesel generators

It can be equipped with necessary control tools to become a part of safe energy supply. They are excellent tools for powering remote facilities. For example, in renewable energy power plants where there are no buildings to accommodate such equipment.

If we encounter an emergency, silent diesel generator sets can be installed immediately, reliably and be ready to operate anywhere in the world in the event of energy demand: emergencies caused by health, natural disasters, and even provide reliable power to detachments or units anywhere in the world when the military needs it.

Its plug and play function is suitable for any type of application. All you need is fuel, which can run at full capacity at any time. In any case, although they are very reliable and robust equipment and ready to operate in extreme environments, their reliability always depends on proper maintenance. If you want to buy open type or silent type diesel generator, welcome to contact us by email [email protected]

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