Creative Biogene Released Complete C. elegans Cell Isolation and Culture Services

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Creative Biogene Released Complete C. elegans Cell Isolation and Culture Services

August 03
05:01 2022
Creative Biogene released complete C. elegans cell isolation and culture services with high-quality data delivery, as well as in-depth scientific and technical support.

New York, USA – August 2, 2022 – Creative Biogene announced the release of complete C.elegans cell isolation and culture services with reproducible results and prompt technical support.

C.elegans cell isolation and culture is widely applicable in observing sub-cellular dynamics and assessing the effect of environmental toxins on culture cells. Besides, isolated C. elegans cells are an important model system for research. They can be applied to study electrophysiology, cell-autonomous differentiation and behavior, as well as physiological, cellular, and molecular phenomena at the single-cell level.

Creative Biogene, a comprehensive C. elegans model service provider, has developed an efficient and easy-to-use platform for large-scale isolation and primary culture of C. elegans cells from both embryos and all four larval stages to meet the specific needs of client research. This platform enables the selection of the finest clones, media, and feeds under small-scale bioreactor conditions, ensuring a seamless scale-up.

For C. elegans embryonic cell isolation, Creative Biogene applies high-efficiency protocols that allow for large-scale culture, encompassing chitinase digestion and separation of embryos, chitinase solution, filtration of embryonic cells from debris, and electroplating cells from the purest fractions. Besides, they also employ an extended cell filtration method for producing cells of higher yields.

To isolate different stages (L1-L4) of larval cells, Creative Biogene uses the chemical treatment (SDS-DTT) and pronase E to pre-sensitize worm cuticle and enzymatically digest cuticle, respectively. By optimizing the treatment times of SDS-DTT and pronase E by stage, cell damage can be minimized, and cell survival for each of the four larval stages can be promoted.

Creative Biogene is capable of isolating and culturing C. elegans cells more cost-effective by saving time, media, and consumables. As an expert in the field of C. elegans research, the company provides green fluorescent protein (GFP) service in C. elegans, microinjection services, C. elegans strain maintenance and storage service, etc.

About Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene is a reliable partner dedicated to accelerating customers’ research projects. It has recruited a professional team with rich experience in the field of C. elegans research and advanced instruments, which enables Creative Biogene to develop a series of systematic platforms and complete independent research. It provides a comprehensive suite of services, including experimental consulting, design, execution, management, analysis, and reporting service. In addition, Creative Biogene can also deliver partners with unique products and professional technical support.

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