One face at a time, Kalaia is empowering women around the world.

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One face at a time, Kalaia is empowering women around the world.

June 14
06:42 2021
One face at a time, Kalaia is empowering women around the world.

Kalaia’s Core Skincare Regimen
Interview with Gaya Samarasingha, CEO and Founder of Kalaia Skincare. Gaya shares what makes Kalaia so special and goes in depth on their natural product ingredients, skincare routine simplicity, product affordability and their referral and giveback programs that empowers women worldwide.

Deciding to make your skincare routine a priority can be quite the daunting task, with literally tens of thousands of skincare brands on the market today, how are we supposed to choose one that is right for us? As if navigating the plethora of companies wasn’t hard enough, now you need to find a company that uses healthy & natural ingredients for your skin without compromising the results.

We scanned the feedback of thousands of women across the country and asked them a variety of questions ranging from which company they believe has the best ingredients, which company got them the best results, and what was most important to them when they’re choosing a skincare routine and the results all led back to one company above all… Kalaia.

Kalaia not only uses natural and healthy ingredients for your skin, and has great results for their customers, but Kalaia also ranks extremely high for the simplicity of their skincare routine, making it extremely easy to follow the regime without having to use dozens of different products as compared with industry leaders. So rather than continue to tell you about Kalaia, I’ve invited the CEO and Founder, Gaya Samarasingha, for an interview to tell you all about it!

Gaya thanks for agreeing to sit down with us today, how are you?

“I’m doing great. Thank you for having me”!

What inspired you to found Kalaia?

“From a young age, I’ve been one to fight for equality. After working in the Direct Selling industry for many years, I found my passion in empowering women to become successful entrepreneurs and a platform where I can make a difference. My vision is to create a future where our daughters and granddaughters have the same opportunities and resources to chase their dreams as our sons and grandsons. Through Kalaia, anyone, regardless of their background, education, and skillset, is given the opportunity to work hard and create the life they dream of through a home-based business. We also extend our mission through the Kalaia Cares Micro – Loan Program”.

Why skincare?

“After moving to the United States, I struggled with adult acne, skin discoloration, and some signs of aging. No matter how much money I spent on skin care, I couldn’t completely resolve those issues. As a new mom who went back to work 6 weeks after having my daughter, self-care was one of the first things I crossed off my list. I simply couldn’t find the time for a complicated, 8 step skincare regimen. It was also a time in my life I became more aware of the toxic ingredients in beauty products and was trying to get back to using natural ingredients I grew up with back in Sri Lanka. Those personal challenges and needs are what led me to create a CLEAN, SIMPLE, and EFFECTIVE skin care line because I knew I wasn’t alone”.

What background experience do you have within this industry to help with the success of the Kalaia brand?

“I have over 10 years of experience in the Direct Selling Industry working with young companies in their hyper growth stage to established, billion-dollar global brands. Most of that time was spent taking US based companies to other countries where I’ve launched and managed international markets in five continents. During my time in the corporate world, I’ve worked with health and wellness products, essential oils, and a variety of beauty products. Even though this is my first entrepreneurial journey, I grew up with the influence of an entrepreneurial mom who’s built multiple businesses back in Sri Lanka”.

What type of Products does Kalaia offer?

“We offer a clean, simple, and effective skincare line that’s made with unique natural ingredients from around the world. Our core regimen consists of 4 products (a cleansing bar, exfoliating powder, serum, and a moisturizer). Customers can choose to add two other treatment products (eye cream and facial treatment) depending on their skin needs”.

Who would benefit most from using your products?

“Beauty of our product line is, anyone, including men and children, can use the products and see incredible results. But I created this line specifically with busy women in mind. Women who are looking for a much simpler way to take care of their skin without compromising the results nor the quality of the ingredients”.

What makes Kalaia different from the thousands of other skincare brands out there today?

“We truly offer our customers a clean, simple, and effective regimen that can fit into their busy lifestyle. Customers who’ve used 8-10 step skincare regimens are seeing better results with our 4 core products. Less products and steps means less time and money spent on skin care”.

Where are your products sourced from and what type of ingredients do they use?

“Our unique natural ingredients are sourced from around the world but our products are manufactured here in the United States. These ingredients have been used in Ayurvedic medicine, daily diets, and skin care rituals for thousands of years. We have combined these natural ingredients with modern technology and delivery systems to create a simple product line that meets the needs of today’s consumer”.

What does the average consumer say after using your product, what kind of benefits do they experience?

“Glowing, healthy skin! My philosophy on skin care is, improve the health and wellness of the skin using clean, natural ingredients and let your body take care of the rest. That’s why our customers see a variety of skin concerns improve with one simple regimen regardless of their age, gender, and skin type. Seeing their skin transformations and hearing how that has affected their confidence and other aspects of life has been one of the most rewarding parts of this journey”.

Does Kalaia offer an affiliate program or a referral program that allows anyone to share your products and be rewarded?

“Yes we do. We have two programs.

Our loyal customers can participate in our referral program where they can offer a 10% discount to their friends and earn 10% Kalaia Cash on all referral orders. They can use those rewards points to purchase their own products.

But if someone wants to partner with us to share the products they love and make an extra income, they can become a Kalaia Brand Partner. Not only do they get to enjoy a 20% discount on their personal purchases among many other perks, they also earn 20-28% commission on everything they sell. For example, a Brand Partner can earn a minimum of $420 a month by simply getting 10 customers on our regimen. They also earn commissions on the repeat orders from their customers”.

You guys also have a give back program as well, tell me about that.

“Yes, we extend our mission to empower female entrepreneurs through the Kalaia Cares Micro Loan Program. 1% of every dollar spent with Kalaia goes to fund female owned businesses through a micro-loan program. We are proud to partner with to reach these entrepreneurs and to provide them with the financial resources they may not have through their communities. As of May 2021, we’ve funded 43 female owned businesses in 23 different countries. The beauty of this program is, we reinvest the money as these loans are paid back so over the years a dollar can make a significant impact on many lives around the world”.

Where can consumers find your products if they decide they want to try them out or stay up to date with news related content?

“Our products are currently available to ship anywhere within the United States and Australia. Anyone can go to our website and order the products. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so the new customers can try the products and experience the difference without any risk.

They can also follow us on our social media – Instagram and Facebook.”

There you have it, in an industry full of gimmicks with thousands of products to choose from it is nice to know we have brands we can count on. Kalaia uses healthy and natural ingredients, provides superb results for their clients, and is simple and easy to use with only a few products that don’t break the bank. With a fantastic community, referral opportunities, and an amazing giveback program to make the world a better place, Kalaia stands out from the others and offers consumers a product line that is the best of both worlds! Be sure to check them out and stay tuned for more articles, we do the research so you don’t have to.

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