New Keto Diet-Friendly Nutritional Drink “K-Slim Energy” Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Support New Product Launch

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New Keto Diet-Friendly Nutritional Drink “K-Slim Energy” Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Support New Product Launch

August 08
01:10 2020
New Keto Diet-Friendly Nutritional Drink "K-Slim Energy" Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Support New Product Launch

Quebec, Canada – August 7, 2020 – Quebec based dietary supplement company K-Slim Energy has announced a crowdfunding campaign to support the launch of their inaugural product “K-Slim Energy”. K-Slim Energy is a functional energy and electrolyte packed drink mix that provides heightened and long-lasting focus and hydration and improves overall well-being.

The crowdfunding campaign began on August 4th and will be open to supporters for 30 days with a goal of raising $6,000; as of now they have already raised almost $1,000, all within 24 hours. The crowdfunding campaign will take place on the innovative crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and campaign funds will be used to support the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping related to the initial product rollout. 

K-Slim Energy boasts a nutrition panel full of fine-tuned ingredients such as premium coffee bean extract, MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), Vitamin B12, and other ingredients that improve stamina and support weight loss. K-Slim Energy will be available in Mixed Berry flavor and is sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol.

Not only is K-Slim Energy a nutrient powerhouse, but it is also completely keto diet-friendly, and contains no artificial flavors, gluten, dairy, or peanuts. Hilary Johnson, Founder, and CEO of K-Slim Energy says “The importance of micronutrients is often overlooked on the keto diet. Our balanced formula was made specifically for that reason, to not only hydrate you but to supplement your keto lifestyle. The powder-based drink industry is growing and I’m confident K-slim Energy will be a major player.” 

With a surge in the growth of people swapping their regular diet for the keto diet, it only makes sense to introduce an innovative, keto-friendly product to the market that can aid in things like the “keto flu”. Transitioning into ketosis causes diet-goers to catch what is known as the keto flu, a collection of symptoms, such as nausea, constipation, headaches, fatigue, and sugar cravings associated with the body adapting to a ketogenic diet. With over 600mg of electrolytes and 120mg of natural caffeine per serving, K-Slim-Energy is the hydration capital for those looking for an effective way to beat the keto flu without the energy crash from caffeine.

Aside from its ketogenic benefits, K-Slim Energy also excels as a daily energy supplement. It can be drunk before or during a workout, in the morning, while traveling, at school or at work, or at any time for an extra boost of focus and energy. K-Slim Energy provides a boost of alertness, hydration, and energy in as little as fifteen minutes, and with a light, refreshing flavor powered by natural caffeine and high-quality ingredients, it is sure to be a notable addition to the powder-based drink industry.

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