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August 08
00:55 2020 is funded by user donations, not advertising

A project director from Bedford in England has rolled out a new social network that is intended to get right what other social networks have so far been getting wrong.

Dean Jones founded Societal in 2020, Societal ( is an unbiased microblogging social platform focused on open dialogue and user engagement. Users post public or private 500-character messages. However, Societal has some key differences from Facebook and Twitter.

Jones said, ‘The business model of social media companies, of pure advertising, is problematic.”

“Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which use algorithms to bump posts with the most comments or likes to the top, shows the newest links first. It may add an “upvote” button in the future. “ is free to join and rather than hire staff to monitor fake news Jones relies on Societal’s community of users to enforce standards. 

Jones said: “Welcome to a place where advertisers don’t call the shots. 

Where your data isn’t packaged up and sold. 

Where you – not algorithms – decide what you see.  

Where you actually like spending time.  

Welcome to social media the way it should be.  

Welcome to Societal”

How Does It Work?

Societal is part of the decentralized, federated network Mastodon. This means that instead of operating as one website and storing its data in one place, it distributes data across thousands of websites and servers around the world. An Echosec Platform gathers and indexes data across all servers. Users can publish links, pictures, text, audio and video. 

That said, the idea behind Societal and other servers like it isn’t necessarily to kill other social media platforms. It’s to hand control of data back to the users and create a platform that will remain forever.  The idea is to owning and hosting your own data.

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