TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy Competitive Landscape and Market Forecast 2035

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TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy Competitive Landscape and Market Forecast 2035

August 07
20:44 2020
TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy Competitive Landscape and Market Forecast 2035

DelveInsight Business Research LLP
DelveInsight’s ‘TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy Competitive Landscape and Market Forecast 2035’ report delivers an in-depth understanding of the TIM-3 as well as the market trends of TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy in the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom), and Japan.
  • Cancer Immunotherapy involves antibodies to inhibit immune checkpoint molecules. Fighting cancer with immunotherapy has revolutionized treatment for some patients and therapies targeting the immune checkpoint molecules such as CTLA-4 and PD-1 in melanoma, renal cancer, Hodgkin’s diseases and lung cancer.
  • TIM-3 is a co-inhibitory receptor that is expressed on IFN-γ-producing T cells, FoxP3+ Treg cells and innate immune cells (macrophages and dendritic cells) where it has been shown to suppress their responses upon interaction with their ligand(s).
  • TIM-3 has gained prominence as a potential candidate for cancer immunotherapy, where it has been shown that in vivo blockade of TIM-3 with other check-point inhibitors enhances anti-tumor immunity and suppresses tumor growth in several preclinical tumor models.

TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy Market

 TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy Market is anticipated to be USD 1,218 Million in the year 2035

Market Driver- Launch of potential upcoming therapies

TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy Pipeline

Emerging Therapies

  • TSR-022
  • MBG453
  • ONO-7807/BMS-986258
  • BGB-A425 +/– Tislelizumab
  • Sym023
  • INCAGN2390
  • RG7769/RO7121661
  • LY3321367
  • Sym022

And many others

Key Players:-

  • Symphogen
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Novartis
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Ono Pharmaceuticals
  • BeiGene
  • Incyte Biosciences
  • Agenus
  • Roche
  • Eli Lilly

And many others

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Table of contents

1. Key Insights

2. Executive Summary

3. Competitive Intensity of TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy

4. Market Competition of TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy

5. Technological innovations in TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy

6. Multivariate analysis of the key players in TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy

7. TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy Market Overview at a Glance

7.1. Market Share (%) Distribution of Next-Generation Immunotherapy in 2035

8. Pipeline Therapeutics Analysis (Active Products)

9. Overview: Next Generation Immunotherapy

9.1. Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

9.2. TIM-3

10. Future Prospects and Challenges in TIM-3-Next Generation Immunotherapy

10.1. Current Clinical Challenges in Immunotherapies

10.2. Future direction of improving response rates of Immunotherapy

11. SWOT Analysis

12. Epidemiology and Forecasting Assumptions

13. Emerging Drugs

13.1. Target indications of TIM-3

13.2. TSR-022: GlaxoSmithKline

13.2.1. Drug Description

13.2.2. Other Developmental Activities

13.2.3. Clinical Development

13.2.4. Product Profile

13.3. MBG453: Novartis

13.3.1. Product Description

13.3.2. Other Developmental Activities

13.3.3. Clinical Development

13.3.4. Product Profile

13.4. ONO-7807/BMS-986258: Bristol-Myers Squibb/ Ono Pharmaceuticals

13.4.1. Product Description

13.4.2. Other Developmental Activities

13.4.3. Clinical Development

13.4.4. Product Profile

13.5. BGB-A425 +/– Tislelizumab: BeiGene

13.5.1. Drug Description

13.5.2. Clinical Development

13.5.3. Product Profile

13.6. INCAGN2390: Incyte Biosciences/Agenus

13.6.1. Product Description

13.6.2. Other Developmental Activities

13.6.3. Clinical Development

13.6.4. Product Profile

13.7. Sym023: Symphogen

13.7.1. Product Description

13.7.2. Other Developmental Activities

13.7.3. Clinical Development

13.7.4. Product Profile

13.8. RG7769/RO7121661: Roche

13.8.1. Product Description

13.8.2. Other Developmental Activities

13.8.3. Clinical Development

13.8.4. Product Profile

13.9. LY3321367: Eli Lilly

13.9.1. Product Description

13.9.2. Other Developmental Activities

13.9.3. Clinical Development

13.9.4. Product Profile

13.10. Sym022: Symphogen

13.10.1. Product Description

13.10.2. Other Developmental Activities

13.10.3. Clinical Development

13.10.4. Product Profile

14. Assessment by Indication

15. Assessment by Route of Administration

16. Assessment by Stage and Indication

17. Assessment by stage and Route of Administration

18. TIM-3-7 Major Market Analysis

18.1. Market Outlook in the 7MM

18.1.1. Total Market size of TIM-3 in 7MM

18.1.2. Market Size of TIM-3 by indication in 7MM

19. Market Drivers

20. Market Barriers

21. Appendix

21.1. Report Methodology

22. DelveInsight Capabilities

23. Disclaimer

24. About DelveInsight

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