The PWA Group and taking a new approach to working

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The PWA Group and taking a new approach to working

January 25
02:22 2022
The PWA Group and taking a new approach to working

Many corporations have had a tough time operating due to the constant changing of the rules and lockdowns, forcing their staff to not be present at work or being forced to work from home. 

In many industries not being physically at work or with the team does not work, however The PWA Group have completely changed the way the work even if rules go back to normal forever. 

They have found that having a flexible working operation has increased productivity of their company by 14% on average. This has been shown over the past 2 years of tracking their staff’s performance and comparing them to the previous years and seeing how it correlates with efficiency and productivity across the board. 

Their new way to work is simple. The team have the opportunity to choose whether they work from home or go into the offices physically and work with the team. They have a minimum number of days in the year that they have set that requires the staff need to be in but ultimately, they choose which days in the year.  

This allows people to plan their time better and choose what works for them and The PWA Group has found that overall, their staff is much happier with this work process.  Regular meetings can now be done online instead of the same room and communication can still continue as normal with so many applications and forms of communication available in all sectors. 

They are hoping to write a report on this subject that highlights how changing the way the company is now operating has helped them and their team so that more and more industries that can operate in this fashion can follow in their steps and adopt this method also.

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