Popular Board Game Has Become A Popular Product In The Table Game

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Popular Board Game Has Become A Popular Product In The Table Game

December 29
14:52 2021

One month after The war of spirit stone was launched, it has achieved a monthly sales of 700+ and become a popular product in the table game category of Google!

There are many buyers in the comment area who show pictures and praise them, and the backstage customer service staffs who patiently answer many players’ very detailed questions.

It seems that parents’ desire to win is also quite strong!

However, many children’s parents express great regret that their children have not reached the age suitable for games, and the words on many cards are still incomprehensible, so they can only play toys for lower ages.

Don’t worry, it is the version for the babies over three years old. It’s coming!

Based on The war of spirit stone, this game simplifies events, streamlines the chessboard and condenses the plot, enabling the 3-year-old baby to start the game without pressure!

Product display

At the bottom is the basic introduction of the game, including game component information, company information, etc.

The playing method of this game is very simple. The core of the playing method is the same as the Stone Battle, which is to throw dice and move.

Players can choose their own roles, obtain their own role pieces and place them at the initial point through free choice, finger guessing, throwing dice and counting points.

Then we can start throwing dice. The number of points thrown represents the number of steps to move.

At the same time, when moving on the chessboard, various events will be triggered and don’t win too easily!

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