Oliviasense launches “Enfant Hug” belly band for fetus support and pregnant women

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Oliviasense launches “Enfant Hug” belly band for fetus support and pregnant women

December 23
21:47 2021

Enfant Hug, a maternity belly band designed to relieve back pain in pregnant women while gently and comfortably supporting the fetus, has captured the attention of many since its release.

The ability to create life is a blessing, but it is no easy task due to the various physical changes that typically accompany it.

One of the most common of these changes is the development of back pain. As the baby grows bigger, the belly forms to resemble a “D” shape.

To accommodate for these physical changes, the spine adjusts, and pain can be caused by subsequent spinal deformation. As a solution to this problem, the Korean technology venture startup Oliviasense developed “Enfant Hug.”

Oliviasense’s CEO, Eun-sung Lee, wore a belly band due to back pain during her own pregnancy.

However, she quickly learned that it was dangerous to apply pressure to her unborn baby’s head and, through this experience, she was inspired to create Enfant Hug – a safe pregnancy belly band.

Enfant Hug’s U-band works to securely support the fetus as if holding it with two hands to relieve the mother from the weight of the belly, while the X-band supports the spine to alleviate common pregnancy symptoms such as back pain, pelvic pain, and general discomfort.

The size of the band automatically expands according to the growth stage of the fetus, without applying pressure. The product has been patented around the world, in countries such as the United States and China, thanks to its special design that protects fetuses safely and comfortably.

Oliviasense’s “Enfant Hug” is a 3-in-1 product that combines various functions. One of the feature facilitates blood circulation without compressing the belly, keeping the fetus protected and ensuring comfort for mom. It boasts a comfortable fit all year round with soft fabric and optimal elasticity, and one-point completely seamless, threadless material.

“Enfant Hug” is carefully crafted all the way from its design to the way in which it is sewn, and it provides safe pregnancy symptom relief as well as a beautiful D-line silhouette for women experiencing difficult physical changes.

In Korea, cultural importance is placed on the belief of “prenatal education.” Prenatal education is believed to have a positive effect on the health of a fetus, and it can be achieved by seeing, hearing, and thinking positive thoughts in a comfortable state throughout one’s pregnancy. Eun-sung Lee, the CEO of Oliviasense (a venture company specializing in women’s technology), launched the product after 7 years of thoughtful research and development, and she has expressed that she hopes that many babies will be born healthy with the safe and comfortable prenatal education properties of “Enfant Hug.”

Oliviasense’s “Enfant Hug” pregnancy belly band can be purchased on Amazon. As a company created for women, there is a product which can be worn comfortably without pressure, by simply adjusting the hook, and it is also included in the purchase.

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Company Name: Oliviasense Co., Ltd
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City: Seoul
State: Gamasan-ro, Guro-gu
Country: South Korea
Website: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08R9MT5KH?ref=myi_title_dp&&th=1

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