PATBAW & CO Unveils Innovative Game-changing Orthopedic Medical Pet Bed

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PATBAW & CO Unveils Innovative Game-changing Orthopedic Medical Pet Bed

December 22
00:14 2021
As the leading pet bed company, PATBAW & CO is on the mission to redefine the way fur parents take care of their pets through the game-changing premium medical orthopedic beds.

“Each and every single pet deserves his/her own private, special space that gives them a sense of well-being and security, and the best we could do for them is to provide a sense of ultra comfort, extra care and secure space… This is where PATBAW & CO comes into the picture”, said a company representative.

PATBAW & CO offers an innovative orthopedic pet bed that can help relieve pets’ existing joint pain and assist in the prevention of other joint issues, which include hip dysplasia and arthritis. The pet bed in addition helps pets get a good night’s sleep, where they become well-rested, energized, and ready for whatever the day might have in store for them.

The majority of orthopedic pet beds do nothing for pets because they lack real memory foam and this kind of bed deprives pets from having a comfortable night’s sleep.

The orthopedic foam beds are specially designed with memory foam to give support, durability, and comfort for pets of just about any size. The product is non-toxic (made without formaldehyde, phthalates or lead) for pets and family’s safety, supports over 350lbs, has no pressure points, and features even weight distribution for any pet. 

PATBAW & CO provides a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors for fur parents to choose from.

Here are some of the comments from customers who have purchased the Orthopedic Medical Pet Bed…

Patbaw has helped me prioritize my poochy pal’s sleeping needs, and when he is awake, he has more energy than ever!, I would do anything for my poochy pal he deserves it.” – Tassra banks 

“My baby Gary is very happy with his bed, I’ve even found my 2years old human son sneaking in a nap on it! In fact they include an orange squeaker toy as a surprise and he loves playing with it.” – Jeff Moryes


Meanwhile, Astro and Cozmo, another official PATBAW ambassadors from Sydney, Australia, received their package containing a big, green, and adorable fluffy bed from

“The bed may look enormous at the moment, but it won’t be long until they fit it perfectly or even outgrow it,” Astro and Cosmo parents

Similarly, PATBAW & Co’s also manufactures blankets which are made of high-quality. They are sweat and wear-resistant, which are breathable and moisture-reducing, and can improve the sleep quality of pets. They are excellent for small and medium-sized pets. The blankets can protect sofas, beds, and household items from being chewed. Likewise, keep pets dry and comfortable.

Apollo and Mocha, who are PATBAW ambassadors, got their cute set of bow ties and the fuzziest of blankets from PATBAW & CO.

“They are super soft and very comfortable to sleep on. We are extremely excited for these wonderful presents,” – Apollo and Mocha parents.

Those who are curious and need to see more reasons why customers choose PATBAW & CO over any other brand, or still need to see more reviews, click here: Why people love PATBAW & CO

Moreover, PATBAW & CO also has one of the best pet brand ambassador program, in which as a new member, customers are gifted with 50% off all their products and eligible to free shipping of any product they order. This is only meant for individuals highly interested in PATBAW ambassador program and want to share the brand’s vibe… To anyone who are interested in becoming a Patbaw ambassador, they can contact the team on their official Instagram page to see if there are still some available spots.

Contact them here: @patbawofficial 

To be precise, PATBAW & CO’s collaboration program is where the team treats a small category of people as brand ambassadors. This is the company’s way of building and expanding its thriving community in a bid to further get more fur parents to take their pet care to the next level.

Those who are also interested in joining this small category of people on Instagram and grab their opportunity of become Patbaw ambassador by contacting the team on their official page: @patbawofficial

Those who want to learn more about PATBAW & CO and the entire list of products, ranging from their catalogs (for Rabbits, Dogs, Cats), to Anti-anxiety blankets, Anti-anxiety square beds. to anti-anxiety beds, may use the following link to visit the website for more information.

Fur parents may also visit PATBAW Official’s Instagram page to check out its cute PATBAW ambassadors at: @patbawofficial

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