Project Safe Paws introduces the most effective way to stop the furniture damage by cat scratches.

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Project Safe Paws introduces the most effective way to stop the furniture damage by cat scratches.

December 21
00:32 2021
These soft, silicone cat nail caps made to instantly stop the furniture damage by cat scratches and also to provide the peace of mind to cat owners while away from home.

Cats are one of the most loved pets in the United States and Worldwide for the love and affection they provide to their owners. However, the new cat owners quickly realize that these cute furry pets come with a mischievous side to them, need to sharpen their claws by scratching on furniture and carpets. This behavior of the cats makes the furniture and carpet look unsightly. Many new cat owners find this behavior unacceptable and return the cats back to shelters, abandon them or declaw them in order to stop the furniture damage. While returning cats back to shelter or abandoning them are stressful events to cats, declawing them also provides more harm to both cats and their owners than any benefit. According to ‘The Paw Project’ – a non-profit organization, declawing is a surgical procedure where toes are amputated at the last joint, removing a portion of the bone with the claws. Declawing cats destroy balance the cats need to walk, jump and perform day-to-day activities. Declawing can cause muscle weakness, arthritis, and back pain in cats.

Project Safe Paws is born from a mission to stop people from declawing their cats by providing them with the most effective humane alternative to instantly stop cats from scratching the furniture. Cat nail caps are invented by a Veterinarian and recommended by ‘The Paw project’, a non-profit organization fighting to stop the declawing procedure. Project Safe Paws premium cat nail caps are made up of soft silicone material, almost unnoticeable by cats, which makes the cat claws blunt in order to prevent the claws from damaging the furniture. With the Project Safe Paws cat nail caps, the cats can perform their regular behavior of scratching however it does not damage the furniture. Most of the cat owners experienced that providing cat scratching posts and other scratching alternatives does not stop cats from scratching the furniture, in fact, they like to scratch on all of them! The founder of Project Safe Paws experienced the same thing when they provided a few scratching posts to their first cat, who scratched on all the possible surfaces such as sofa, carpet, and a favorite scratching post.

Project Safe Paws Premium Cat nail caps were born out of the necessity to completely stop their cat from scratching the furniture but quickly became a mission to stop people from declawing their cats as well as to promote cat adoptions and reduce cat abandonment due to scratching behavior by providing the most effective alternative which is inexpensive so that each cat owner can afford it but at the same time something that can instantly stop the cats scratch damage. A must-have for cats around babies and seniors to protect the delicate skin from cat scratches.

“Finally, something so inexpensive makes your cat stop scratching! They look amazing too,” Amy says.

Project Safe Paws cat nail caps come in varieties of colors and four sizes for a perfect fit. They require only a five-minute once-a-month application. More information can be found at

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