How Stan van Langen Grew a Virtual Item Empire

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How Stan van Langen Grew a Virtual Item Empire

December 20
22:11 2021
How Stan van Langen Grew a Virtual Item Empire

Every now and then you come across those stories that make you think ‘we need to dive deeper into that’. The skins industry is one such story. Billions are traded in the digital ‘second skins’ of weapons and characters in games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins are the outfits for weapons in the game. A skin in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a purely cosmetic item, meaning that it only affects the look of a weapon, not its firepower. These skins can be traded between players of the game and have real monetary value.

In 2017, Stan van Langen launched an online trading platform. This online marketplace was designed for people to trade virtual items used in video games, with many skins and items for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This platform has completely changed the way gamers can make virtual trades.

They no longer have to worry about getting scammed when they want an item for their video game because all trades made through his platforms are safe and secure. Since launching, a lot of gamers have given his platforms a try and were satisfied with their experiences.

This 21-year-old is no stranger to programming. He first took interest in programming when he was only 12 years old and made it his mission to learn as much as possible. Early on in his programming journey, he managed several large servers for Minecraft with Instagram influencer Aaron Liebregts ( Thousands of people in the world enjoyed spending their time on their Minecraft servers.

All of that experience paid off kindly for Stan van Langen. He learned exactly what he needed to build one of the top trading platforms for video game skins and items online. His idea was to create a platform where gamers could trade items for different videos games that have real value.

This idea worked out well and once people caught on, more items and kinds were listed on the platform. As of now, people can find over several thousand items listed.

When Stan van Langen designs his platforms, he wanted to make sure it wasn’t complicated. Even first-time traders find the platforms easy to walk through. They can easily find items to buy or list items to trade. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are able to find items to improve their gameplay.

Seeing how happy users are with his platforms has encouraged him to continue programming. He loves knowing that his work is helping gamers have a better online experience. As long as the programming he does continues to help people have fun and safe online experiences, Stan van Langen has no plans of stopping.

To find out more, follow Stan van Langen on Instagram at

When people say the American dream of entrepreneurship is dead, it’s not. It has just moved online and young people are taking up its mantle from all corners of the world.

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