Interview With Popular Instagram Influencer Astralny Potapac

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Interview With Popular Instagram Influencer Astralny Potapac

December 20
22:05 2021
Interview With Popular Instagram Influencer Astralny Potapac

Astralny Potapac is a Slovakian public figure on Instagram who’s known for keeping followers entertained. He posts everything from hilarious memes to internet beef and the best jokes on TikTok. However, some of the content Astralny Potapac posted was too controversial for Instagram and it has resulted in his page being banned over 20 times.

However, no matter how many times they try to remove him, Astralny Potapac keeps coming back. Our team was lucky enough to catch an exclusive interview with the influencer to find out his side of the story.

Q: What or who exactly is “Astralny Potapac”? How did you come up with the name?

Astralny Potapac is an online persona that is organized by myself, Franko Trantalic. However, the secret behind the origin of the name is going to remain a mystery for now.

Q: You used to post very controversial content, why did you stop?

While my followers enjoyed the controversial content, Instagram had some issues. The rules on the platform changed a lot over the past 2 years and they are stricter about what influencers can post. Even the most minor violation can get a person’s account banned.

Q: What happens if you get banned on Instagram?

Instagram has a non-existent customer support team, so getting an account back is really hard. To start with, you have absolutely no access to your account. Then you have to fill out multiple forms to appeal why the account was banned. 

Q: You’ve been banned over 20 times already, how did you get your account back?

These are some secrets I can give up yet. Let’s just say, Instagram has a few flaws in its system and I have a few tricks up my sleeve for getting around them. They can keep removing me, but I’ll always find a way back to my followers.

Q: Did you have any serious problems because of your account?

There haven’t been any serious problems because of my account, other than a few people who have threatened to beat me up. That’s all talk, and they never showed up. 

Q: You’ve had multiple problems with some people regarding your account, why?

I post a lot of humor videos that are popular on TikTok to keep my audience laughing. Some of these videos have upset the people in them, especially if they were acting out of character, and when they find the account they aren’t too happy. 

Q: What is the purpose of your account?

Well that depends. I just do what I want, and post what I want. If I find something funny or ridiculous ill just post it, I do on my account what I want. Some people will enjoy it, some will hate it, depends on the person.

Q: Where do you get your content from?

I have or had multiple sources for all kinds of stuff. Since Instagram introduced strict rules, I mainly use Instagram or TikTok.

Q: What are your future plans with this account?

Actually I can’t do much anymore, since Instagram has put down many restrictions on my account. However I’ll continue with posting with whatever I want, I’m also planning on making some videos for YouTube and my second Instagram account, but I’ll talk about that later.

Q: That’s all the time we have today, thanks a lot for your answers.

Thank you for having me today.

Astralny Potapac can be found on Instagram at

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