N Veneer Taishi is All Set to Be the Top Wood Veneer Supplier in Malaysia

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N Veneer Taishi is All Set to Be the Top Wood Veneer Supplier in Malaysia

December 17
15:30 2021
N Veneer Taishi is All Set to Be the Top Wood Veneer Supplier in Malaysia
With the current surge of demand for laminated wood panels into the component making industry for applications in the furniture industry, N Veneer Taishi foresees this golden opportunity to lead the market. A production plant has been set up to introduce Naxos Veneer, also known as N Veneer, a high gloss laminated panel as its unique offering for highly aesthetic and complex woodwork components.

Established in 1993, Taishi Tech embarked on its journey in the wood industry by producing solid surface material for use as kitchen countertops. About two decades later, this wood manufacturer expanded its niche market with a specialised offering of the laminated plywood panel. N Veneer Taishi is now all set to be one of Malaysia’s top wood veneer suppliers. 

“Naxos Veneer is a collaboration of Taishi Tech with a reputable Italian wood company. The new, improved Naxos is a breakthrough technology in the decorative panel, which offers the designer-feel new high gloss acrylic. We are driven to introduce N Veneer as the latest generation of veneer, an evolution for high-quality, eco-friendly wood material. It also stands as an addition to the existing high gloss and super matt acrylic materials. Due to its unique offering, we are confident that N Veneer will grab the market’s attention, especially among woodworkers and furniture manufacturers,” said Charlie Chow, Sales and Marketing Executive at Taishi Tech.

Naxos Veneer – More Than a Laminated Plywood Panel

Chow further explained that N Veneer is much more than any ordinary laminated plywood panel. Unlike common laminated plywood that is a printed surface made to imitate the look of real wood, N Veneer uses a thin layer of hybrid wood foil. He added, “N Veneer is produced by utilising an exclusive technology known as CLPL, which stands for Continuous Low-Pressure Laminate. It allows N Veneer to wrap around plywood to create laminated plywood, which is equivalent to laminated plywood sheet of thin layers that cover wooden boards for furniture application.”

“With the technology, plywood laminated with N Veneer allows a more detailed range of applications, from simple wooden panels to complex decorative components. What makes it more special is that N Veneer sheets are flexible to adhere to curvy wood surfaces. It offers the high-end 3D authentic real wood look, touch and feel of timber veneer from different wood species with its synchronised wood grain surface,” he said, emphasising Naxos Veneer specialities as wood veneer sheet in Malaysia. 

About Nveener Taishi

N Veneer Taishi is part of Taishi Tech, a reputable wood manufacturer and wood veneer supplier in Malaysia. N Veneer is a hybrid veneer sheet that is a flexible and high-quality veneer to create laminated plywood. The wood veneer sheet has greater flexibility and can adhere to complex wood design requirements. 

N Veneer wood sheet veneer can be customised and combined with different wood species and materials with various surface finishes to get the desired specifications.

For more info, visit N Veneer Taishi at https://nveneer.taishi.asia/.

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Company Name: Taishi-Tech Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
Contact Person: N Veneer
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Phone: +607 428 6222
Address:No.1, Jalan Budi 21, Taman Wawasan Perindustrian
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