‘Touch N’ Go’ New song by Anjalts Drops December 17

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‘Touch N’ Go’ New song by Anjalts Drops December 17

December 17
04:38 2021
IXOmusic joins Anjalts to release her latest single, ‘Touch N’Go.’

New York – The Christmas lights, the cold winter frost, and a new song, ‘Touch N’Go’ by Songwriter-Producer Anjalts, drop December 17, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The protostar performer wrote and played all the instruments for her upcoming 12 song album project titled ‘Air to Fire’ with a scheduled release early next year. She joins the rare 2% female producers/songwriters who produce their entire album song catalog from start to finish.  Her latest single, ‘Touch N’Go,’ was first announced on her Instagram account, where the reclusive musician tries to open up more with her star fans gathering to hear her music.”

The “Anjalts’ sound’ renders a melodic blend of improvised guitar riffs, and unquantized sub-beats. But, then, just when you can predict what’s coming, some other various instruments like synth hooks, violins are all fused by one ethereal voice defying the norms of today’s boisterous music scene.

“Anjalts songwriting style has a poetic way of saying what she is trying to convey in a few lyrics,” says Acen Sinclair, studio engineer & manager at IXOmusic, an indie label that has partnered with Anjalts for her upcoming album. “I find that it goes back to the melody structure instead of just words toppling on top of each other.  She brings improvisation to a composition back into the mix in a playful, child-like way that sometimes catches me off guard.  As an engineer, I’m used to programming notes all day and tweaking technical plugins, and she would just jump on a piano and do first-takes improvised Anjalts style scales tinkering away, and it’s magic. Recording’ Touch N’ Go’ was like that. Anjalts made up a walking guitar riff at the beginning of the song that trickles in the chorus parts, and it just works.”

Anjalts emerged on the music scene in 2020, writing her title track ‘Air to Fire,’ a song about the massive fires in the Amazon Rainforest, which hits close to home.  Her grandparents raised her in Guyana, South America, where a protected rainforest zone covers 87% of the country. ‘It’s natural for her to defend a place she once called home,” explained Sinclair, “especially when you see how much of this important ecosystem has been destroyed and is still happening today. Anjalts chooses music as a way to bring about that change moving forward into the future.” 

The Amazonian artist has two singles to drop back to back with ‘Touch N’ Go’ on December 17 and the jazzy piano improv ‘Raining Flowers’ on Christmas Eve.

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Official Website: https://anjalts.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anjalts/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AnjaltsMusic

Pre-Save link: https://music.anjalts.com/touchngo

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