Joey’s Legacy Fights For Those With Allegations Of Veterinary Malpractice

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Joey’s Legacy Fights For Those With Allegations Of Veterinary Malpractice

December 16
03:08 2021
Joey’s Legacy, a 501c3 non-profit organization formed in 2017, boasts a team of veterinary experts and animal law attorneys whose mission it is to pursue justice for those parents of companion animals who lost their beloved family members as a result of veterinary negligence or malpractice.

Joey’s Legacy’s veterinary team reviews the medical records of other veterinarians and determines if practice below the standard of care occurred. If so, their law group pursues legal action, which can not only include reimbursement of veterinary costs and a dollar amount required to bring a new companion animal into the home but can, in many cases, include charges of civil fraud, civil theft, and fraudulent misrepresentation when veterinary staff is not honest with the companion animal parent and tries to cover up their negligence.

“There have been very few cases where a member approached the group with a story that had a tragic outcome and the veterinarian involved was truthful and transparent, showing genuine remorse and offering assistance in the aftermath, and still wanted to sue the veterinarian,” said Scott Fine, Founder and President of Joey’s Legacy. “The small minority of veterinarians who choose to deceive the client greatly increase the chance of being sued if they are dishonest. Most of those in the group state they could find a path to forgiveness, after a period of time, if they were treated with dignity and respect, rather than being demoralized and denigrated by being lied to, something akin to “pouring salt in the wound” after losing their beloved family member.” Fine added.

Boards of Veterinary Medicine are insensitive to the needs of companion animal parents, and rarely discipline firmly and fairly. This lack of initiative allows serial offenders to continue to practice, exposing more companion animals to peril at their hands. 

Best-selling author JL Robb has published two books about Joey’s Legacy entitled “Joey’s Legacy-Seeking Truth and Integrity in Veterinary Medicine-Volumes One and Two” which, among other content, contain dozens of stories from members who recount their own tragedies and how difficult it is to recover from such an experience. Losing a companion animal as a result of injury or natural causes is devastating. When considering “at the hands of a professional in whom trust was placed, and that trust was betrayed” it adds an entirely new level of emotion including anger, rage and the desire to seek justice. If all veterinarians were transparent with their clients when a tragic outcome occurs, there wouldn’t be a need for a Joey’s Legacy to stand up for the voiceless.

Nine-time Emmy-winning producer and director John Biffar has begun to produce a documentary about Joey’s Legacy, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2022. Here is the link to the eight-minute promo reel which will be part of the documentary: 

Individuals may visit the Joey’s Legacy, Inc. website to learn more about the cause or join the Facebook group ‘Joey’s Legacy-VetMal Victims.’

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