tidylodge Rebrands To Deliver Highest Standards Of Private Growth Solutions To Clients Dealing With Life Issues

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tidylodge Rebrands To Deliver Highest Standards Of Private Growth Solutions To Clients Dealing With Life Issues

December 14
14:16 2021
tidylodge Rebrands To Deliver Highest Standards Of Private Growth Solutions To Clients Dealing With Life Issues
Accelerated coaching and psychotherapy for executives and homemakers, to create the waves that ripple through the individual, their nuclear and extended family, their work and the society in which they live for future generations to come

tidylodge is disrupting the executive coaching and psychotherapy industry for high-functioning adults in Singapore, as well as bridging the gap between coaching and psychotherapy with its premium cerebral, emotional and physiological services. Clientele are executives, corporate individuals, white collar workers and homemakers. The company has officially rebranded to cater to individuals who are not only dealing with stress, anxiety, burnout, but also executives who require coaching for execution and strategy blocks and performance enhancement for individuals at top corporations. These clients are offered an EMDR intensive approach, The Limitless Emerald Package, where they are guided through a process that can restore, build brain balance, reduce chronic and complex stress symptoms by 80-90%, as well as changing blocking beliefs to adaptive ones that internalise behavioural change quicker than other methods and has been validated by National Library of Medicine as most superior approach.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together”, when neurons communicate, that creates a pathway that was not apparent previously (as in childhood or infancy), it means the brain is evolving due to experience and choices that are made. An amalgamation of these neurons in the brain means that it is rewiring in ways a person, if fully conscious, would not wish for themselves. According to the journal os experiential psychotherapy, EMDR is more affective and scientifically accepted in brain changing that sticks. At tidylodge, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Non-Violent Communication (NVC), attachment theory, Solution Focused Therapy are incorporated when necessary as part of the reprocessing, further enhancing the long term effectiveness.

With tidylodge, clients are getting accelerated coaching and healing that provides the world’s best in-person cerebral, emotional and physiological client catered care. This is achieved through an advanced evidence-based model used for improving brain development at any age, bridging the gap between psychotherapy, neuroscience and executive coaching. The treatment process entails the use of EMDR alongside other processes that helps to increase brain capacity in terms of cognition and behaviour and a more regulated nervous system, except this is EMDR 2.0, it’s condensed and it’s affective. Intensives have shown that in a significant sample population size, more than half of the participants lost their initial diagnostic labels (Journal of US National Library of Medicine – NCBI). Therefore, just visualise how this works for those without diagnosis but fall between the cracks in terms of where they might seek direction, especially that which they are accessing from their own self by speeding up the brains organic adaptive information processing system. In the aforementioned study on intensives, the changes and affects of the intensive regimen created double the impact on people over those who spread out the EMDR sessions, we have been case studying this at tidylodge and rapid resolution of this style of working with people not only drastically speeds up the process, but fits in well with the fast paced culture in Singapore, where we not only want it now, we want it yesterday!

Basically we are condensing a years worth of coaching into one week or over a weekend, but it’s not learning, it’s reprocessing, so it sticks, unlike learning where the brain is having to remember, here, the brain is getting a reset, it’s literally an internal mind-body spa, but you feel the results  almost for a lifetime. “The results speak for themselves, accelerated coaching and psychotherapy options for executives and homemakers whose main currency is time, the investment in this option is monumental,” says Kellyjo Coney-Khan, Founder, CEO, Coach and Psychotherapist, tidylodge. “What better offering than an intensive option that speeds up the process, creating rapid resolution, performance enhancement and transformation. When everything is about mindset, but you can’t change your mindset, you need something that challenges the status quo and you want it fast and efficiently. That is what this is!” It is an organic method of delinking cognitive processes in the brain that have paired, which then leads to behavioural changes that in other circumstances a person might have to struggle, or exhibit force and willpower to do so.

The services at tidylodge are offered in a conducive environment that encourages growth and change that leads to transformational results in the key areas of behaviours, abilities and experiences. Clients are guided and exposed to a system, they can experience substantial growth in the areas of the brain, emotions and body that can act as a preventative to medical care through a regulated nervous system. With the use of cutting edge treatment and catering towards a market that might not yet know this is what they need, and the latest research to help them naturally optimise their cerebral and neurobiological functioning without the use of invasive methods. One client from tidylodge anonymously reported that she had tried numerous modalities and that it was only through tidylodge, Kellyjo and intensively working with EMDR that she “finally fully healed and for the first time after a few years, felt safe” and that she has more energy and stated feeling recharged.

We asked tidylodge’s CEO, Kellyjo, what their mission is for the future of their clients in Singapore and their answer astounded us, “to create the waves that ripple through the individual, their nuclear and extended family, their work and the society in which they live; to provide balance for their emotional, mental and physical ecosystems for future generations to come.”

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