Extra Space for the Kitchen and Dining Room

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Extra Space for the Kitchen and Dining Room

December 13
21:59 2021

People have prepared a meal for their guests, now it is time to set the table. Prepare themselves with a tablecloth, cutlery, crockery and glasses and, thanks to the buffet cabinet, people can do everything in one place right in the dining room. Sideboard cabinets are like a combination of dresser, sideboard and wall cabinet. These large and spacious rooms offer plenty of storage space for essential dinner utensils. Find out here which pantry and buffet variants are available for home.

Sideboards and pantries: a chest of drawers for the dining room

Kitchen buffets are made of solid wood and serve as practical shelves and furnishing accessories. A classic sideboard stands tall and looks great as an exhibit in dining room decor. Compact models are available for small rooms. The lower part of the sideboard creates plenty of storage space with cupboards and drawers for storing cutlery, tablecloths, serviettes and bowls. Lockable compartments are available on some models to keep those valuable dishes safe. The top consists of shelves, open or with full or glass doors, to bring some decorative items such as fine china, fine glasses, illustrated plates or framed photographs and works of art to life. Tip: if people put the buffet in the dining room, they don’t have to go far to set the table. People can also put the food on the counter like a classic buffet. This is useful for serving multiple guests efficiently.

Materials for pantries and buffets

Buffet cabinets are usually made of solid wood or sturdy chipboard with a clean surface, both of which create a warm ambience in the kitchen and dining room. Find out here how the materials differ and what advantages they have:

Sturdy solid wood for classic reliability

A solid wood sideboard is usually made of spruce, pine, or oak. Solid wood sideboards are usually oiled, waxed, or varnished. Pure wood furniture contributes to a pleasant living environment and neutral colors create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen or dining room, solid wood is pleasant to the touch and the natural grain of the wood makes each piece of furniture unique. unique. Thanks to high-quality workmanship and robust material. Solid wood furniture is very resistant: a wardrobe accompanies people for years and can also last for generations.

MDF particle board: strong and scratch resistant

Particleboard or medium-density fiberboard sideboards, or MDF for short, are covered with a melamine surface that mimics natural wood. There are particle boards that look like many different types of wood, such as oak, beech, or cherry. Their surfaces are resistant to scratches and bumps, which is especially useful in the kitchen, where a lot of movements and utensils move around the room during cooking. Tip: If sustainability is important to people, chipboard is a good alternative to solid wood with a low carbon footprint.

Choose a pantry or buffet that suits life style

A sideboard is definitely practical, but people also want something to match their interior. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the best buffet or pantry for the dining room or kitchen.

The classic country house: sideboards in light wood

Farmhouse furniture exudes rustic charm and natural materials such as wood, linen or enamel and warm to neutral colors such as light brown, taupe or sand create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen, dining room or the hall. This style is best complemented by an antique wood grain and best matches a solid wood rectangular dining table.

Modern lifestyle: simple design and smooth surfaces

Functionality and straight, clear lines make up the modern lifestyle. Cool materials like metal or glass and contrasting colors go well with a modern dining room. A buffet cabinet best completes this look with a clean, modern finish, a clean look, and frosted glass accents.

Vintage style: colorful and personalized kitchen buffets

Furniture steeped in history, flea market collectibles, and family heirlooms are typical of vintage style. Color enhances life in these rooms, and a pastel-colored sideboard or pantry with display cabinets to display people’s treasured collectibles creates a warm and personal addition to the room.

Conclusion: create more storage space with kitchen buffets

They provide highly sought after storage space in an attractive piece of furniture for home. At the bottom people can store essential items such as utensils, napkins and tablecloths and display their precious dishes on the upper shelves. Choose from these different variations:

Classic buffets are especially suitable for a spacious dining room or kitchen. If people don’t have a lot of floor space, choose a more compact model.

Display the precious plates and glasses in a showcase buffet. Ample storage space in the lower area makes it easy to store less glamorous linens and utensils.

The solid wood models are durable and can be easily renovated if necessary to create a pleasant living environment. Chipboard models are easy to maintain, scratch resistant, pressure resistant and environmentally friendly.

A rustic style can be complemented with a classic solid wood sideboard. A sideboard with a clear and simple design and frosted glass elements goes well with a modern style. The vintage look can be enhanced with a sideboard with colored surfaces and a display cabinet.

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