Dr Eugene Kramer Donated His Time With Chiropractic Work At A Golf Charity Event

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Dr Eugene Kramer Donated His Time With Chiropractic Work At A Golf Charity Event

December 10
20:59 2021
Dr Eugene Kramer Donated His Time With Chiropractic Work At A Golf Charity Event

Dr. Eugene Kramer
Dr. Eugene Announced This at the End of the Year Event with the Staff

Oscar Wilde once said, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” Also, according to Kathy Calvin, giving is not just about donating; it’s about making a difference. These are the philosophies that guide people like Dr Eugene Kramer. He believes in making himself relevant to the community by engaging in the act that lightens the burdens of others. Dr. Kramer recently donated his time with chiropractic work at a golf charity event to positively impact people’s lives. His contribution to the 2021 Golf charity event has become the topic everyone wants to discuss in Southern New England Communities.

“The very foundation of the world is the deed of giving. Everyone interested in building a legacy must consider the best way to make life better and easier for others, especially those less privileged. To contribute my quota for the 2021 Golf Charity event, I became a part of the CVS Health Charity Classic. This is one of the essential aspects, as it helped to enhance the performance of the players that were all there to donate to charity. To reach out to more people in the Health Charity Classic Event, we have extended it to the Internet. We are now offering online public auctions in conjunction with other virtual initiatives. The purpose of this is to ensure that people in the Southern New England Community are well taken care of through the event.” Said Dr Eugene Kramer.

“All we do is to make life more comfortable for people by helping them with funds and health supports. In as much as CVS Caremark is concerned, I did focus on practicing pure chiropractic on the pros as well as caddies and staff, who are supporting this charity event. My work in the event includes helping pros stretch, manipulation adjustments where necessary and more. I focused my work on addressing the areas with concerns. For example, some players and supporters have pains on their shoulders, neck, wrist, or back. Although we did not have technologically improved machines, such as ultrasound or stim machines, we utilized our chiro tables and hands to give the best chiropractic service ever recorded in history. We offered maximum support to the players and pros, ensuring they get the ongoing care from us.” Added Dr Eugene Kramer.

The members in the meeting were overjoyed with the speech of Dr. Kramer, and one of the participants said, “Dr. Kramer has been at the forefront of giving and donations to various nonprofit organizations. Through his chiropractic services, he has helped many underprivileged people in different communities. His chiropractic career has also grown due to his experience, quality assurance, and readiness to offer the best service to local children and families. Now, he has donated his time with chiropractic work at the golf charity event; more people will stand a chance of benefiting from his work.”

Dr Eugene Kramer is a professional chiropractor who has treated many patients with successful results to show. He is a trained and highly experienced Doctor of Chiropractic, philanthropist, and ardent sports lover. His contribution to the Health Classic Event has become the talk of the town, as every one of the pros and their supporters were well taken care of. To learn more about Dr. Kramer, visit his blog about golf: Dr Eugene Kramer Blog

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