Breakthrough Dandruff Discovery Gives Relief from Flakes & Embarrassment

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Breakthrough Dandruff Discovery Gives Relief from Flakes & Embarrassment

August 24
23:59 2021
Little known secret to reducing dandruff and preventing malassezia.

What if dandruff was optional? San Diego based Dermazen believes it is. Most folks assume those pesky flakes on their shoulders are caused by dry skin. But in reality, dandruff is the result of fungus. The guilty yeast – known as malassezia – feeds on the sebum or oil produced by pores and hair follicles.

Traditional dandruff treatment like Head & Shoulders or medicated shampoos provide temporary relief by attacking the fungus with antifungal agents. Unfortunately, the malassezia fungus creates a biofilm shield to protect itself from outside threats. That’s why most shampoos become less effective over time.

This biofilm shield is largely unheard of by cosmetic brands. But Dermazen, founded by long-time sufferers of dandruff and irritated skin, discovered a solution. The biofilm can be neutralized safely by sugar alcohols like xylitol, commonly used in natural gum, toothpaste, and keto-friendly sweets. By combining xylitol with antifungal ingredients like grapefruit seed extract, sea salt, colloidal silver, and tea tree oil, Dermazen’s Calming Seborrheic Serum seems to provide superior relief beyond medicated shampoo alone.

Folks who combine the serum with their antifungal shampoo tend to notice fewer flakes and less itching. The term “seborrheic” in the product’s name refers to seborrheic dermatitis, the more advanced version of dandruff caused by the same malassezia fungus.

Founder, Austin Beals, explains he created the serum out of his own personal need for relief. “After suffering from seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff for over a decade, I was confused, embarrassed, and borderline hopeless. Once I discovered a way to disrupt the biofilm and nourish my skin without inflammatory oils, I started giving free samples to others with the same condition. They all said the serum helped more than anything else they had tried. At that point I knew Dermazen was a legitimate need.”

The company now focuses on educating and serving people with malassezia-related skin conditions, from dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis to fungal acne and folliculitis. They’re on a mission to help people achieve peaceful skin and peace of mind.

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