Materiality and Immateriality: Victoria Genberg urges people to take on a Journey of Discovery that will set their souls free

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Materiality and Immateriality: Victoria Genberg urges people to take on a Journey of Discovery that will set their souls free

August 24
06:09 2021

Through her art, Victoria Genberg sets off to explore two different poles, the earthly domain of power and the contemplation of the natural world whose link lies in her own experiences.

What may not be easily expressed in words and what may feel disturbing, might be expressed more easily through art.  The notion of dualities where most of us weigh our view of two possibilities, good or bad, heaven or hell or even as basic as sweet or sour, Victoria Genberg’s  exploration of this concept led to the fundamental premise of the nature of her art. She describes it as: ‘My work has coalesced around the opposing poles of materiality and immateriality. Materiality refers to the earthly domain of power, its use and abuse, while by immateriality, I have in mind our connections both to the natural world that surrounds us, and to all the worlds that lie inside us.’

Born in Cincinnati,  Representational Visual Artist, Victoria Genberg has found her home in Switzerland and Malaysia. After her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York, she moved continents apart to attain her Master’s degree in the same field. She completed her Master’s of Fine Arts at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Hong Kong.

Victoria’s journey to find what she really wanted to do started early in her life when she began to analyze the disparity between those with power and those without. She was left dejected with the truth of this world where uneven distribution of power was everywhere. She became attuned to how people wield power, she was off put by the acceptance of gender wage gap that was not seen as a problem. Her critical thinking and her desire to find answers to her questions brought her to where she is now. Her first pole of work, materiality, addresses abuse of power at the personal and professional levels. Her visual art is certain to spark an interest in people who are keen on educating themselves beyond book knowledge and those who wish to find answers to questions they had never considered as such. She produced a collection, “Narcissism. Filling the Black Hole: Narcissism Deconstructed” that addresses how an abusive relationship with parents may result in narcissism in a susceptible child. “Power Plays,” another group of work, refers to the maneuvers of those in power to stay in power.

Clown Self-portrait

The second pole of her work, “Immateriality,” will appeal to an audience seeking the connection between nature and one’s consciousness. She considers both the natural world that surrounds us and the world that lies within us. The work allows the audience to view what is around them is often a reflection of what is inside them.

This is a thought provoking way to seek comfort and peace in life, to have a sound understanding of the natural world surrounding them and the world that lies within the human mind.

Victoria also understands there is an audience fascinated by art. There are those who appreciate it especially for its aesthetic qualities and then there are those who enjoy entering the maze of interpretation. For such she strives to produce what will allow her audience to indulge in an incredible experience. The nature of Switzerland inspires Victoria Genberg to produce masterpieces for the pleasure of art connoisseurs. For people who like to travel and explore, this may be a stop that needs to be added to the list. Her collection ‘Nature Gazing’ is a perfection for those finding their peace and pleasure in nature gazing. 

The Day After 

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