Eat Makhana unveils Spicy Vegan Queso Lily Seed Pops, the newest addition to its growing nutritious snacks

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Eat Makhana unveils Spicy Vegan Queso Lily Seed Pops, the newest addition to its growing nutritious snacks

August 19
03:05 2021
Eat Makhana continues to set a new standard for nutritious snacks after unveiling the Spicy Vegan Queso Lily Seed Pops, an excellent choice for snackers looking for dairy-free crunchy snacks that pack an outrageously spicy and cheesy flavor.

America’s leading lily seed snack company Eat Makhana has unveiled the Spicy Vegan Queso Lily Seeds to curb cravings for snackers who want dairy-free cheesy, crunchy snacks without the guilt that still delivers heat and flavor.

This is the latest addition to the company’s lineup of delicious and nutritious snacks made of popped water lily seeds, known as Makhana in Hindi.  

Vineet Sinha, Eat Makhana’s co-founder, says with dairy-free cheesy snacks all the rage recently, he developed a vegan flavor that offers sustainable ingredients and is comparable to the real thing. 

“I grew up eating chili con queso, and my college roommate Cesar would make it really well. I drew from that experience as I was developing this flavor.” During a dinner party, Cesar’s wife Lindsey expressed concern for the need to cut down dairy for the sake of his health. “That’s when the idea took root,” Vineet said in an interview.

Vineet, Cesar, and Lindsey were classmates at the University of Southern California’s prestigious film school, the School of Cinematic Arts, home to alumni George Lucas, Ron Howard, and many others. 

“Cesar and I would get peppers from the local Hispanic store and we’d grill them in our backyard when we lived together.” Vineet reminisces. “Lindsey would bring queso fresco. I’m pretty sure she brought tortillas as well. We talked about our student projects and griped about homework. Those were good times, but it’s hard to eat that much dairy, especially in your 30s” 

Vineet went back to Kitchentown, where he personally oversees product development with his team. With notes of jalapeno, cayenne pepper, and paprika, Vineet says the Spicy Vegan Queso Lily Seeds emit bursts of cheesy heat and crunch while feeling filling. 

Eager to see if others liked it, he turned to his sister, Sanjana Sinha, a well known Los Angeles based Henna artist and marketing executive, to taste test.

“It’s tasty, but it may confuse people who can ask – is this a Mexican or Indian snack? Outside of big cities, fusions foods are still not that well known.” Says Sanjana.

Fortunately, the trial rollout for Spicy Vegan Queso was very successful, and a limited release to existing customers saw the snack sell out in mere hours.  

It gave the confidence to introduce it to retailers, where it is currently being rolled out to over 150 stores across the United States, mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

All Eat Makhana snacks contain 50% more protein and 65% less fat than popcorn. It is an anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory food, and helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Besides being vegan, corn-free, non-GMO, and free of nuts, gluten, sugar, or any sort of preservatives, it contains the bioflavonoid kaempferol, clinically proven to help human longevity and our ability to ward off a variety of illnesses.  

Snackers can check out all the flavors offered by Eat Makhana by visiting

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