How Leighton Butler and His Team At Orchardly Are Helping Realtors in the US Generate Their Own Online Leads

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How Leighton Butler and His Team At Orchardly Are Helping Realtors in the US Generate Their Own Online Leads

August 19
02:23 2021
Orchardly is an American consulting agency founded to help realtors navigate the many adversities in the real estate industry.

The American real estate industry offers a myriad of opportunities to the lucky few who work diligently, tirelessly, and insightfully. However, even with an impeccable work ethic, there are still numerous inhibitors that pose, oftentimes unavoidable barricades to realtors, leading many to a dead stop. 

The Orchardly team has spoken to more than three thousand agents in the past four years, and they’ve narrowed the leading causes of problems within the real estate industry. These include the lack of high-quality, exclusive, and sustainable lead generation, the lack of reliable nurture and conversion systems, and the lack of training on how to effectively delegate and scale a team.

Orchardly’s ‘Apex Agent’ solution relies on systems that have been tried and tested in practice to exemplary results. As the Orchardly Team states:

“We start by building and deploying high quality and Effective lead generation systems in the businesses of our Apex Agents. We use highly targeted Facebook ads to find people genuinely interested in buying or selling a home, and then we couple this with bespoke landing pages to generate high-quality applications from people serious about making a move.”

After generating quality leads, Orchardly’s Apex Agent System is meant to teach realtors how to generate, nurture, and convert leads as well as how to effectively delegate daily tasks and obligations within their businesses by building a capable team around themselves.

Orchardly emphasizes that the problems within the real estate industry may seem colossal, but they are also easily solvable when the right system is in place. The team is committed to making a difference, one realtor at a time, by educating real estate agents how to conduct their business more efficiently, which will, in turn, reshape the industry for the better:

“We genuinely want to make a difference in the real estate industry. We want to make it easier for agents to succeed in the real estate industry by going against the ‘norm’ and doing things in a different way from the industry giants like Zillow and We created a way that’s easier, cheaper, and more sustainable to all agents that work with us.”

More information about Orchardly can be found at Orchardly’s official website.

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