Dubz Dropz, The Future Of Hip Hop

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Dubz Dropz, The Future Of Hip Hop

August 18
22:55 2021

Nashville, TN – August 18, 2021 – I hardly ever write articles, reviews, or interviews about music. I’m very particular on whom I write for-or-about, particularly because I spend the majority of my time doing research on topics that matter to the audience that read my books, authors can understand the struggles involved when it comes to topic research and publishing, especially when one has been published multiple times and under contract for future new releases.

But not this time, this time is special and personal, particularly because I enjoyed the talk I recently had with William, best known as “Dubz Dropz.” The Florida native quite ignited the journalistic side of me, because, well… he has an honest and blunt way of expressing his feelings and emotions through his music, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a well-produced beat accompanied with extremely well-laid-out lyrics?

Dubz Dropz grew up in an area that is well known for its gang violence, drug addiction and robberies, fortunately, Dubz Dropz did not follow any of those paths but instead, he followed his own desires in the music industry and as a musician, he composes the lyrics in a very unique way. Most singers lay out the lyrics first and later find a proper way to incorporate them into tunes and sounds. Dubz Dropz visualizes the scene and turns it into rhythms and words for tunes and sounds that he has already engineered at his own music studio. 

The way his music is sung doesn’t reflect the typical, angry, upset, and bitter rapper. Although a majority of music composers tend to revive former personal experiences into lyrics, Dubz Dropz uses great tact to attract the ear of his fans with much enthusiasm placed on his production. As a former dance music producer myself, I couldn’t help but admire and appreciate the great effort he does apply in the studio and of course, he attracted my ear and once that happened, I couldn’t help but reach out and interview him.

Hello William, thank you for accepting my interview request, first of all, I want you to know that you are very talented at what you do and that I enjoy being a part of the beginning of your music career.

Q: I want to know what does “Dubz Dropz” means, how did the word come to life as your trademark?

A: I owe all the credit to a good friend Demarco. About twelve years ago him and me were creating and I needed an alias. He say’s “DUB” because my first name starts with W. Simple name yet over time when I began to believe in myself I realized it was too common of a name in the industry. I then came up with Dubz Dropz. Distinctive-yet-catchy. Basically with the mean that I (Dubz) drop hits only!

Q: What type of musician do you consider yourself to be as far as genre?

A: I consider myself a Hip-hop artist. Although, I am very capable in any genre.

Q: What are your long-term goals in life and be honest, do you want the mansion, the big boat, and the exotic cars? 

A: My long-term goals are to create enough revenue from streaming and shows to open a studio that not only records you but also sharpens you as an artist giving guidance and advice. Nonetheless, I am committed to elevating my wealth and knowledge musically.

One of the things that I learned from Dubz Dropz during the interview is his excessive amount of charisma and confidence regarding his experience in music, which is very important when it comes to public relations. During the interview, he also revealed to me that he has a new song coming out this weekend for which I’m extremely excited about.

Q: Tell me about this new song that’s coming out and where can your fans and readers go buy this song?

A: This song will be available on all platforms: https://unitedmasters.com/m/6101730a99d5e614dbb08300 the “Who Thought” music video will be available here: https://youtube.com/dubzdropz Please subscribe!

Q: What inspired you to take this next step to invest in exposing your skills to massive amounts of people worldwide?

A: The people I know inspired me. They all made this happen. I have had so much help from people and they probably don’t even know that they have helped me. I give credit to every person I have ever met for being a part of who I have become.

Q: What advice do you have for new talented individuals; what would you tell them if they were to ask you, what can they do to reach their goals?

A: The advice I would give to new individuals is take risks!! Be ready to fail over and over. Stay consistent, believe in you, and surround yourself with likeminded individuals.

I find it quite joyful to write about Dubz Dropz because he is not just some young talent trying to send out a message through his lyrics, he isn’t trying to preach us anything however preaching does happen when his music is heard, he is currently a rough giant-pearl in the raw and as I mentioned earlier, I like to think of my ear as an expert on identifying great talent in the grow, the majority of the music producers that I reviewed and wrote about back in 2012 when I was the editor in chief of 128AndUp Magazine were fiery and young but extremely talented individuals, now the majority have reached deals with major record labels and are touring worldwide. I have confidence that Dubz Dropz is heading in that direction.

You can find out more about Dubz Dropz at the following links.



Written by: H.M. Ortiz @h.m.ortiz

H.M. Ortiz is a music and political journalist; he is also the editor in chief of 128AndUp Magazine and a four-time published author. H.M Ortiz writes self-help books to prevent suicide and abortion. H.M. Ortiz is a strong advocate of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: https://www.instagram.com/h.m.ortiz/

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