Painted OEM Parts Takes High-Quality and Perfectly Color-Matched Car Parts Online

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Painted OEM Parts Takes High-Quality and Perfectly Color-Matched Car Parts Online

August 18
00:47 2021
Painted OEM Parts Takes High-Quality and Perfectly Color-Matched Car Parts Online

Dropping off your car to a nearby auto shop for repair and repainting may sound easy, but for others, it could be very time-consuming. In addition, amid the recent public health crisis, going to the nearest car shop may not always be a viable option. Seeing the gap in the industry, Painted OEM Parts took its quality products and services online, allowing car owners to have their cars in tip-top shape after making a few clicks from the comfort of their homes. 

Painted OEM Parts offers a custom alternative to traditional car servicing shops, taking quality repair and repainting services online. Especially amid the pandemic, the company has helped clients across the country with its unparalleled products and services, done as swiftly as possible, and delivered straight to their doorsteps anywhere in the United States. Merging quality with convenience, Painted OEM Parts sets the bar higher than others in its industry and proves that the digital space can be another effective avenue for providing clients high-quality car parts.

Throughout its years in business, Painted OEM Parts has received over 700 5-star reviews from its customers. Besides quality products and services, the company is also recognized for its warm and unmatched customer service. Founder and CEO Sean Arnold stresses that he and his team are dedicated to listening to what their clients need to ensure that they are fully satisfied. The system paved the way for the company to establish strong connections with its clients.

“People love us for our attention to detail and our passion for genuine help towards our customers,” said the CEO. As a nationwide company, Painted OEM Parts has developed a system that allows them to ship products and parts to all 48 states while preventing any damage.

Painted OEM Parts offers incredible color matching services, known as one of the best across the country. The company wanted to take the worry off of their clients when trying to find original car parts in the right shade and colors. So instead of simply selling pre-painted parts, Painted OEM Parts color matches the color of their clients’ cars based on their Vin number. This process involves the PPG’s Envirobase High-Performance Waterborne paint, ensuring a factory match every single time. The company also uses an innovative camera to scan clients’ vehicles, which then provides the exact information and specific color formula of their cars.

Painted OEM Parts is recognized for delivering unmatched results. “Our painters are trained professionals dedicated to providing high-quality, painted parts for your vehicle,” shared Sean Arnold. “Proper steps and high-quality materials guarantee a long-lasting factory paint job.” The company also gives clients the liberty to choose between Genuine OEM Parts, which come straight from vehicle manufacturers, or OE Replacement Parts, which are more affordable alternatives but are still high-quality.

On top of that, Painted OEM Parts offers clients with a lifetime warranty, believing that the job is not done by merely sending painted parts out the door. The company is confident in its materials and paint, making the warranty as genuine as it can get. The lifetime warranty covers any chemical failure which could include fading, peeling, etc., but does not include physical damage.

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