A Sweet Solution to Pigmentation from Skin Set Go® Skincare using Kojic Acid

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A Sweet Solution to Pigmentation from Skin Set Go® Skincare using Kojic Acid

August 17
19:45 2021
Skin Set Go® Skincare is professionally collaborated with expert estheticians to offer consumer-centric skincare solutions.

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 17, 2021 – You are your skin. It is the first impression you make in any engagement. Healthy skin, simply put, just always results in staggering levels of confidence. So for Skin Set Go®, it was a shock how complicated the skin care industry has become and how everyone was treating it as a luxury rather than a necessity. With this in mind, Skin Set Go® has been able to create transparent effective formulations that focus on four of the most common skin concerns people have.

Emerging from the COVID-19 shadow, Skin Set Go® had one goal in mind, Concern-Attuned formulas. Working endlessly to educate themselves through a team of handpicked estheticians and dermatologists to talk about their experiences with skincare products and consumer concerns, Skin Set Go® has been able to collect a large amount of professional data analyzing what works, what helps, and what people truly desire. They synchronized all that information into developing their concern-attuned formulations so that they get to the root of the problem effectively. One concern that they have chosen to truly zero-in on is pigmentation, and they may have found a golden formulation…

After years of testing and consumer feedback, the team behind Skin Set Go® has been able to discover that a proprietary blend of Kojic Acid combined with effective Alpha Hydroxy Acids does an excellent job of treating common hyperpigmentation concerns caused by sun damage, hormones, and inflammation. But what is kojic acid and how exactly does their Sweet GOjic solution work? Kojic Acid from Skin Set Go®, is derived from fermented red Japanese rice, a powerful melanin inhibitor that penetrates deep into the skin to reverse the effects of pigmentation while the infusion between glycolic, pyruvic and lactic acid properly exfoliate the skin on multiple levels reducing stubborn surface spots. Their Sweet GOjic Pigment Serum provides a beautiful balance between Kojic Acid and other Alpha Hydroxy Acids to revive the skin in a slow, healthy fashion that does not damage or irritate any layers of your skin. A truly needed discovery in the skin care industry!

LEARN MORE ABOUT THEIR PRODUCT: https://www.skinsetgo.com/products/sweet-gojik

About Skin Set Go®

Skin Set Go® founded in 2019, is a New York City based cruelty-free skincare company focusing on creating transparent, simple, and effective vegan skincare formulations that zero-in on common skincare concerns. Their formulations are Made in the USA and are Free-From Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehydes and other harmful ingredients.

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