My Other Best Friend – Best Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

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My Other Best Friend – Best Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

August 17
05:58 2021

My Other Best Friend is an American pet clothing company that offers uniquely designed pet collars, jewelry, apparel, accessories, toys, treats, beds, and carriers at highly approachable prices.

While our significant others or closest friends are our definite best friends, our “Other Best Friends” are the furry companions we share our everyday lives with; our beloved dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, and even guinea pigs. They deserve our respect and care, but they also deserve the best clothing and accessories that the modern-day market can provide.

My Other Best Friend (MOBF) is an American pet clothing brand that specializes in manufacturing uniquely awesome dog collars, leashes, pet tees, crates, beds, toys, treats, and all sorts of apparel and accessories for pets and their owners. 

“We offer a unique selection of pet collars, leashes, accessories, pet apparel, and pet fashions that are specifically designed for your furry loved ones. Our focus is to provide high-quality pet lifestyle accessories that are useable for everyday wear and special occasions.”

Some of the products highlighted in the My Other Best Friend’s catalog are the Furberry Plaid Dog Collar, the Navy Golden Bee Matching Dog Collar and Leash Set, the Pupreme Dog Collar, the Pink Marble Martingale Dog Collar, and the Gradient Holographic Cat Collar (equipped with a small bell). 

One of the most exclusive My Other Best Friend collections is the Halloween-themed Pet Costumes Series, comprised of 80 spooky themed pet collars, dog bandanas, top hats, pet glasses, capes, costumes, tutus, harnesses, and interactive spooky toys. 

The Summer Patriotic Collection alone features 269 products, including various stylishly themed dog collars, funny tees, pet safe necklaces, matching pet and owner shirts, bows, interactive toys, leashes, outdoor lounge beds, harnesses, and even outdoor pet camping tents. This particular series is characterized by all-American patriotic motifs, colorful prints, and our favorite summer fun themes.  

My Other Best Friend Video:

Although Winter festivities are far from close, My Other Best Friend offers an eclectic collection of Winter Holiday themed pet accessories, apparel, and pet-lover gifts; such as the best selling Christmas Dog collar, Burgundy Plaid Dog Collar, Jewel-Toned Metallic Dog Collar, the classic Christmas Holiday Pet Santa Hat, the interactive Hanukkah Plush Dog Toy Set, the Turkey Leg Dog Plush Toy and a wide selection of holiday-inspired pet clothes, cold weather pet apparel, themed pet jewelry, and interactive fun pet toys. 

My Other Best Friend is also a place where pet owners can stock up on quality pet carriers and pet owner accessories. The brand’s menu of designer pet carrier bags, waste bag dispensers, matching pet & owner shirt sets, pet-themed keychains, matching owner bracelets with collar charms, bicycle basket, pet travel accessories, and various types of dog tents is remarkably eclectic and unique. 

The Elizabeth Ruby Necklace Collar

The best selling Notorious D.O.G. Dog Collar Necklace is a thick gold Cuban link chain pet necklace made by MOBF as an homage to the jewelry worn by the iconic rap artists from the ’70s, 80’s and ’90s to modern-day:

“Many still consider Gold Chain necklaces a huge presence in modern Rap and Hip-hop fashion.  In the 1970s, Emcee Kurtis Blow was the first featured with gold chains on his album cover. By the 1980s, as hip-hop became American mainstream, gold chains were a staple for artists like LLCool J, Slick Rick, and Run-DMC.  By the 1990s, gold chains and pendants were symbols of status and success, with no better example of this type of chain can be found than the enormous accouterment worn by Notorious B.I.G. on his iconic albums. Rap has always been about the struggle in one form or another, while jewelry in rap has always symbolized escaping that struggle. As a rapper, Meek Mills pointedly called it, jewelry is a “trap trophy.” This means that though bling may still denote status, in the world of hip-hop, it means a great deal more.”

The Notorious D.O.G. Gold Dog Chain

In terms of pet comfort, My Other Best Friend also offers a broad range of pet cushion beds, memory foam bolster beds, orthopedic pet beds, pet teepees, soft crate nap pads, pet-friendly plush blankets, plush snuggle beds, travel beds, outdoor-friendly beds and outdoor cooling beds that can cater to dogs and cats of all sizes and races. 

The brand has catered to the needs of numerous satisfied customers, which in turn have rewarded it with thousands of followers on all over social media platforms. My Other Best Friend is inspiring pet owners with daily posts on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, while also reaching out to customers with insightful messages on their website’s blog.

The Stars and Stripes Dog Collar

More information on My Other Best Friend (MOBF) and the brand’s catalog can be found on the MOBF’s official website

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