Osmir Garay being thankful to his manager: Roy Chinchilla

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Osmir Garay being thankful to his manager: Roy Chinchilla

August 16
18:53 2021
Osmir Garay being thankful to his manager: Roy Chinchilla

Roy Chinchilla – Osmir Garay
The artist Osmir Garay shows gratitude towards his manager, Roy Chinchilla, for helping him succeed as a singer

Even though people don’t give it much thought, a good manager can be the difference between failure and success for a music artist. Luckily, Osmir Garay was blessed with an amazing manager that worked hard to help Osmir with his musical career. Roy Chinchilla surprised Osmir every day with new opportunities and paths to success. Osmir acknowledges all the efforts put in by his manager, and he feels privileged to have such an amazing manager. 

Osmir worked hard with his manager to achieve several goals in the span of a few years. He claims that Roy is the best manager in the world, and he can’t be thankful enough to him. Osmir knows that management is not an easy task and it takes a prime work ethic to be a good manager. There is no doubt in his mind that Roy does amazing work every single day as his manager. 

According to Osmir, managers are the most fundamental part of an artist’s success. It would be next to impossible for an artist to achieve success without working with good managers. Roy helped him make a name for himself in the industry with their company Osmiroy. He also helped Osmir win several awards over the years. Furthermore, Osmir believes that with the help of his manager, he can achieve new heights of success.

Both of these individuals have worked day and night to stand out in the industry. They have made several significant presentations in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.  Osmir’s reputation is growing day by day and this artist will stop at nothing to achieve greatness. He is proud of his team and everything he has accomplished so far. 

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