How Is Audiencely Leveraging Fractional CMO/CGO Expertise to Help E-commerce & SaaS businesses Grow?

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How Is Audiencely Leveraging Fractional CMO/CGO Expertise to Help E-commerce & SaaS businesses Grow?

August 16
15:07 2021
The firm’s Venture Growth Studio provides high-end growth marketing solutions.

Businesses and start-ups need a chief marketing officer or chief growth officer (CMO/CGO) to lead their marketing strategy, channel strategy, analytics and data tracking processes. For most cases, start-ups will only need fractional CMO/CGO services as they require expert strategy and planning but do not necessarily have to pay the full salary of a full-time CMO/CGO. Audiencely can help businesses and startups enjoy the flexibility that a fractional CMO/CGO provides through its Venture Growth Studio.

“If shares can be fractional, why can’t be the expertise?” asked Chintan Maisuria, founder of Audiencely.

Audiencely has helped e-commerce and SaaS businesses grow using the Fractional CMO and Consulting as a Service model. Their three offerings include Consulting as a Service, Fractional CMO/CGO and Fractional CMO/CGO for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms.

Consulting as a Service harnesses the power of multipliers to accelerate growth. The firm’s growth process is fast, friendly and simple. They start from learning more about the client’s business to data tracking plans and validating channels. They stay empowered and keep the process transparent and optimized. Audiencely conducts onboarding within 48 hours, sets up growth infrastructure within 7 days and activates ads and automations within 14 days.

Fractional CMO/CGO is the ideal service for businesses that either are not prepared to pay a $300,000+/year salary to a full-time CMO/CGO or believe that the work needed to be done by the CMO/CGO does not require a full-time position. The service’s growth solutions and frameworks are built by expert CMOs/CGOs. These growth-focused strategic experts help clients design, automate and accelerate their customer acquisition while improving their customer lifetime value and average order value.

With Fractional CMO/CGO for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms, Audiencely’s venture growth experts support and help the clients’ portfolio companies design, implement and optimize an omnichannel strategy. The firm has helped more than 100 startups and businesses grow faster with better growth marketing strategies. They take a deep dive into the clients’ portfolio and work closely with the founders to improve the transactions, AOV and frequency needed to reach the growth numbers that the clients and their investors need to see.

Utilizing Audiencely as a fractional CMO/CGO will allow clients to free up the capital from a full-time C-level hire while gaining the ability to engage the right growth consulting firm to implement an omnichannel growth strategy. Their clear customer acquisition and retention strategy will be designed, implemented and optimized like a well-functioning product ecosystem.

Anna Paola, founder of Paolita, has this to say about Audiencely and its services: “The team has worked hard to implement strategies to help drive potential customers to our website, which, in turn, has resulted in an increase in sales. Their attention to detail and patience in explaining the growth insights has made for a great relationship.”

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Audiencely is a venture growth studio based in London that provides high-end growth marketing solutions and frameworks to e-commerce and SaaS businesses.

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