Author John Meddling’s top-rated book, “Just My Opinion: Real Talk on Real Relationships,” provides insights, tools on building a healthy relationship

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Author John Meddling’s top-rated book, “Just My Opinion: Real Talk on Real Relationships,” provides insights, tools on building a healthy relationship

August 14
04:20 2021
Couples are in for an exciting exploration into building a better relationship as author John Meddling releases his sought-after book containing premium tips and tricks for getting a relationship back on track.

Author John Meddling’s book, “Just My Opinion: Real Talk on Real Relationships,” which provides couples with tools that give insight into the individual’s strengths and weaknesses in the relationship, is now available in leading digital stores.

“The book serves as the ultimate workbook for couples. If we want a long-lasting relationship, we should arm ourselves with knowledge on how to make our relationships great,” says Meddling. “This piece will help you become a better partner and friend.” 

Within its contents, couples will discover workable guidelines to use as a model in getting their relationship back on track.  

The book also teaches clear-cut and precise communication skills that aid in dispelling many relationship myths. The book also contains erotic stories that are lined with a relevant message and principle that seek to enlighten the reader on how to maintain a passion-filled relationship.  

“The thing is, you and your partner are not all-knowing, hence the need to end the stigma of purchasing a relationship book. At the end of the day, it’s about learning and taking advice on how to mend and boost your relationship,” says Meddling. 

The book includes chapters that examine things that turn guys off, why people cheat in relationships, how to know when to marry, things to do in preparing to meet a mate, and what to do when a relationship becomes a burden.  

Other topics include exploring whether monogamy is natural for humans, things someone shouldn’t do until committed, and how to manage a long-distance relationship.  

John has always been curious about human behavior as displayed in romantic relationships.  

“He has counseled young couples and young people in general for many years, and the dynamics of what causes some to thrive in relation while others crash and burn in frustration of one failed relationship after another is what compelled him to write this book,” he shared.  

John Meddling resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and has taught Christian Education in one form or another for over 17 years.  

He has also taught physiology, anatomy, pathology, and several other medical courses as a part of the massage program at Georgia Medical Institute for about five years. 

Mr. Meddling’s work experience varies from photography, writing, electronic repair, serving as a life coach, motivational speaking, and teaching. 

Those who want to get a copy of “Just My Opinion: Real Talk on Real Relationships” can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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