Chordify bent on revolutionizing the industry with innovative online music education service

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Chordify bent on revolutionizing the industry with innovative online music education service

August 14
00:29 2021
From impressive features like transposing guitar chords, chord downloads, and library management, Chordify is bent on becoming a game-changer in the industry by bringing a top-notch online music education service.

Chordify is bent on changing the way people learn and play their songs after unveiling a game-changing online music education service that transforms music from YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, or any private collection into chords. 

“What makes Chordify unique is it automatically recognizes chords from an audio signal and aligns them to the music in a simple and intuitive player,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

It is a cutting-edge service for both novice and trained musicians that makes state-of-the-art music technology available to the public at large. 

Chordify’s technology enables users to get the guitar chords for any song in two simple steps. They only need to search or upload their favorite song and press Chordify. For the next step, they have to press play and start jamming.

In a bid to boost the summer vibe, users can master their favorite summer songs easier and faster after the company rolled out its latest promo, where subscribers can avail of 50% off Chordify Premium. 

Chordify also provides premium features, including Chord Diagram Finder and unlimited access to songs. Users have the opportunity to unlock the chords of millions of songs in its ever-growing song database. They can Chordify anything from SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, or their own music library and play without restrictions.

Chordify also offers a feature where users can easily try a different key. They only need to click the transpose buttons up and down to match your voice and sing along even better.  

To add spice to the Chordify experience, users can also download the chords for guitar in PDF or MIDI format for easy audio editing. They can use the endless amount of chord progressions and play around with them in their own music studio. 

Users also get the chance to download and print chord sheets and chord diagrams of all Chordified songs.  

“Music is the heart and soul of Chordify. It’s at the very core of everything we do and stand for, and it’s the invisible string that ties us all together,” the representative said.  

Since its launch in 2013, the company said it had kept its service simple and easy to use while bringing complex Artificial Intelligence behind the cords of Chordify. 

“This impressive technology makes it possible for users to find the chords on guitar for even the most obscure songs. It can recognize any audio file from far away and calculate the chords in the nick of time,” the representative said. 

Chordify also provides a blog section where individuals can find an endless stream of play-along inspiration, practical music theory, and juicy backstage stories from around the globe.

Among the articles that provide helpful guides and tips include how to read a piano chord diagram, how to play a Bm guitar, and how to change electric guitar strings. 

Those who want to get a head start in playing their favorite music in a heartbeat can check out the Chordify website to learn more. 

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