Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels Aims To Fund Non-Profits While Protecting The World’s Oceans

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Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels Aims To Fund Non-Profits While Protecting The World’s Oceans

August 12
17:19 2021
Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels uses a raffle to fund non-profits while creating the world’s first underwater luxury hotel and the International Sea Station for all nations.

Key West, FL – Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels was created by Tony Webb, a former US Navy celestial navigator, and businessman, to protect the world’s oceans while creating a unique underwater experience. The goal of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels is to create an affordable, luxurious, and moveable underwater hotel that does not compromise on safety. In doing so, they seek to create a global coral reef restoration funding program. Only three locations around the world meet the requirements to safely operate the moveable underwater hotels in the Maldives, Sinai Red Sea, and Roatan Island Honduras. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has approved for the moveable underwater hotel to operate in Florida waters.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels had recognition at the UN Climate Accords in Paris after announcing the world’s most extensive coral reef restoration funding program.  After generating global media coverage, the underwater hotel is becoming a reality. Now, the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel aims to have finished fabrication within the year.

However, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels is not only seeking to restore the world’s oceans but is using the global fascination with its mission to create an international Partner raffle. Recognizing that the everyday individual could not afford to stay in the underwater hotel, Planet Ocean seeks to aid non-profits in attracting donations while allowing the general public a chance to win a free night’s stay at the hotel. Any non-profit or charitable cause – within an eligible country – can become a partner in the Planet Ocean raffle. For $100, the non-profit is gifted the free room to raffle via the Planet Ocean raffle platform. This allows the non-profit to attract donations from the global participants in exchange for the chance of winning a stay at the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel. Not only this raffle provides funding but also gives nations around the world the inside view of the journey to Mars and create a global funding program for the Mars mission. They hope to have hundreds of Raffle Partners in the 45 legal USA states and Raffle Partners in the approved countries listed on the website.

By creating this innovative approach, Planet Ocean can offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience to the public while supporting charitable causes and raising awareness of its mission. The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Partner raffle estimates they have over a million people globally – including across China, India, and the Middle East – ready to make donations and enter their Partner raffles. As a result, Planet Ocean guarantees each non-profit that enters into a partnership an estimate of $250,000 USD per raffle.

Moreover, the Planet Ocean raffle is donating part of the proceeds to Elon Musk’s SpaceX to fund his mission to Mars. Founder and Managing Director Tony Webb dedicated 22 years of his life to space tourism and recognizes the importance of the SpaceX mission to Mars. For Elon to journey to Mars requires global support. As a result, the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Partner raffle aims to donate a quarter of all raffle proceeds to Elon Musk and the SpaceX Mars mission. Planet Ocean and Tony Webb believes this could result in over a billion dollars in donations provided to the SpaceX Mission to Mars.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels are not only creating a unique experience in their affordable and luxury accommodation. They use their platform to assist others who desire to help humanity in the same way they have. Planet Ocean seeks to restore the world’s oceans while supporting non-profits, charitable causes, and Elon Musk’s mission to Mars. To support the Partner raffle, non-profits and those interested in donating can find more information on how to win a stay at the underwater hotel at

About Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, LLC

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, LLC was founded with a unique mission. The goal of Founder and Managing Director Tony Webb is to create a luxury, underwater hotel that is both safe and affordable. Moreover, the purpose of Planet Ocean is to help with global coral reef restoration and protect the world’s oceans. The US Patent Design underwater hotel is being configured so that the marine biologists will have underwater research centers in all of the moveable underwater hotels. Planet Ocean aims to be fully operational within a year.

To find out more information about the luxury underwater hotel, visit

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Contact Person: Mr. Tony Webb
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