What are the differences between regular fixed LED display and rental LED screen

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What are the differences between regular fixed LED display and rental LED screen

August 12
00:13 2021

Compared with fixed installation LED screens, the main difference of LED rental screens is that they need to be moved frequently and repeatedly removed and installed.

Therefore, the requirements for products are relatively high, and the appearance design, structural design, and material selection of the products are all emphasized.

There are four main differences between the two kinds of led screen:

Firstly, the fixed installation screens are installed one after the other, the dimensions and shape are customized, but the rental screen requirements can be easily installed, dismantled and transported repeatedly.

The staff can quickly complete the work and reduce the customer’s labor costs.

Secondly, rental LED screens are more resistant to slight bumps in transportation and handling.

Rental displays are much lighter than conventional LED displays, so rental displays are usually packed in flight cases, while conventional displays are packed in wooden cases.

The sturdy box design of the air box is convenient for transportation and will not easily cause damage during transportation.

Thirdly, for rental display, the cabinet is very light, 500MM X 500MM Cabinet 7kg, 500 X 1000MM Cabinet 13 kg, it is easy for carry, and it can save more human cost.

Fourth, the use of rental displays is more extensive than conventional displays.

Because the rental display box is lightweight, it can be moved for different occasions, such as concerts, music festivals, weddings, parties, shopping malls, exhibitions, and airports, Conference room, etc.

At the same time, it can make the box into different shapes, giving people a more amazing world effect.

Yonwaytech as a professional led display factory, our stage rental led display have various kinds of pixel in light weight cabinet.

P1.953mm, P2.5mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P5.95mm, P6.25mm with 3840hz refresh fully match stage rental use.

Easy handle and fast operation system makes more cost saving in installation,dismantlement and transportation.

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