Nicki Baber Announces Her Debut Appearance In Boxing As Ring Card Girl For Bare-Knuckle Fight Club

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Nicki Baber Announces Her Debut Appearance In Boxing As Ring Card Girl For Bare-Knuckle Fight Club

August 11
04:57 2021
Tiktok influencer with 6 million followers is breaking new grounds venturing into the boxing world. She will be employing her creativity and style to promote the platform and build a stronger career in entertainment

Tiktok influencer Nicki Baber announces her first debut in the boxing world as a ring card girl for the bare-knuckle fight club. The celebrity and content creator started her TikTok account in 2019 and have since accumulated more than 6 million followers.

Nicki posts mainly lifestyle videos and comedy, engaging her fans and putting a smile on their face. Each of her videos attracts hundreds of thousands, even over a million views. Her attention to detail, creativity, commitment to her fans, and genius storytelling has made her a favorite social media platform.

“TikTok has opened doors for me that I didn’t even know existed,” said Nicki Baber. “Is this what I thought I’d be doing after college? Absolutely not, but I am so grateful for my fans and the opportunities that TikTok has brought me!”

Tiktokers like Nicki Barber are going mainstream because of their influence, popularity, and creativity. It’s interesting because many social media celebrities started from almost nothing, the first-ever follower, not knowing they would succeed. Such is the story of Nicki, who started from scratch and can gather millions of followers.

Her story is unique because of what she has been through and how she can achieve this amazing feat of playing an important role in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Nicki’s presence will undoubtedly add some flair and style to the events, further improving its status across all platforms.

Another exciting prospect is that her fans are going to see a different side of their favorite celebrity. As she goes on to explore now grounds and increase a fan base, more people will get to know her and follow her.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is the first promotion to engage an official state-sanctioned and commissioned bare-knuckle boxing event in the United States since 1889. Since its establishment in 2018, it has grown in viewership and popularity and featured top talents including Bobby Gunn, Leonard Garcia, Jim Alers, Bec Rawlings, etc. In addition, the pay-per-view bouts are carried via to a worldwide audience.

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