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What is the production process of metal plate logo | WEIHUA

August 11
03:06 2021

Metal plate logo, corrosive nameplates, and corrosive metal door headers have a wide variety of advertisements, which are widely used in the industry. The processing technology of the corrosion mark can not only be made into various styles but also can be as beautiful and generous as a work of art custom logo plate manufacturer Huawei Technologies will take people to analyze the process flow.

A brief introduction to the production process of custom nameplates and corrosion nameplates: tools/raw materials such as aluminum alloy plates, thick steel plates, titanium plates, stainless steel plates, etc. Automatic cutter, blower and corrosive tap water.

1. Corrosion nameplate method/technical board selection

Laser cutting of hardware and metal plates for making door advertisements includes copper coins, stainless steel plates, titanium plates, etc. Each hardware and metal plate has different laser cutting characteristics, so people can choose suitable plate talents for different artistic styles of door advertisements. Stainless steel plate has the advantage of rust prevention and is a common plate used to make metal door advertisements.

2. Corrosion nameplate cutting and blanking

According to the design specifications, put a few millimeters of machining allowance on each side of the selected stainless steel plate, mark points and cut. The four corners of the cut stainless steel plate often have burrs, which need to be filed off with a knife. After filing, the outer edge will be smooth by hand.

3. Corrosion nameplate to remove oil stains

After the stainless steel plate is soaked in cold water, put some detergent on the surface, use a clean cloth to clean the oil stains on the surface of the stainless steel plate three to four times, and then rinse the surface of the stainless steel plate with cold water to avoid affecting the smooth progress of the post-treatment.

4. Corrosion nameplate drying

Use a hair dryer to dry the remaining water droplets on the surface of the cleaned stainless steel plate without leaving water stains.

5. Corrosion nameplate etching process

The stainless steel door head advertisement is mainly made by etching process.

6. Corrosion nameplate surface protection

(1) Apply a layer of corrosion-resistant metal coating

(2) Frequently asked questions about air drying. The production of nameplates should be based on different materials to select materials and processes, and the processes vary greatly.

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