Nathan Peters Drives Millions in Sales for Digital Brands

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Nathan Peters Drives Millions in Sales for Digital Brands

August 11
04:56 2021
This Gen Z disrupts the online advertising industry with Avior Agency and Flood My Calendar that offer out-of-the-box solutions.

More often than not, an ideal business or education scenario is out of reach for many people due to the lack of resources, opportunities, and even grit. It is times like these that changing the system lies to those who dare to take it upon themselves. One of them is Nathan Peters who wasn’t a fan of the way business, entrepreneurship, and marketing were taught at schools. Therefore, he made his own agencies where he can have real-life experiences backed by the theories his professors have taught him at Durham University.

Nathan is a rockstar Generation Z online business tycoon and growth consultant who has been making waves in the advertising arena with the vision of reforming how entrepreneurship is taught within the education system. He has taken a different path from most of what 19-year-olds do nowadays. Instead of pursuing internships, he went for entrepreneurship by founding two companies which are Avior Agency and Flood My Calendar.

Avior Agency started with the vision of ending how traditional agencies operate, treating their customers as mere numbers on a spreadsheet. Nathan wants Avior to establish its position as a reliable one-stop shop and a business growth solution where customers are considered as business partners. Specifically, he targets DTC eCommerce brands such as Locsanity and others, helping them hit $1M – $10M in 12 months or less. He believes that finances and cashflow are the lifeblood to any successful business, saying that “It’s not how much money you make in your company, it’s how much money you keep”. He believes that businesses can boost their profit margins by increasing average order value (AoV) and increasing customer lifetime value (LTV) for an improved customer retention rate.

On the other hand, Flood My Calendar was founded to primarily help agency owners and B2B service entrepreneurs keep their pipeline full of qualified prospects. It employs a specialized process called spearing and blanketing and sales team implantation which are further elaborated on his website at More information about his work is also available there. The aforementioned process particularly addresses the volume and personalization problems that most service-based businesses need to deal with.

Needless to say, Nathan is not only a visionary but a doer with a high-risk appetite. He doesn’t speak lightly about changing the education system but actually doing something about it so aspiring entrepreneurs can have better experiences in the future. Apart from doing business, Nathan also helps various communities through spreading positive messages on his social media and allotting a percentage of his companies’ annual revenues to providing education in less economically developed countries. It would certainly be thrilling to work with a changemaker who has disrupted the online advertising industry at such a young age.

About Nathan Peters

Nathan Peters is a 19-year-old internet marketer and online-business thought leader, based in London. He is the founder of two companies, Avior Agency, and Flood My Calendar while attending the University of Durham.

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