Atlanta Dog Trainer Helps Covid Pups Adjust to Normal Life

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Atlanta Dog Trainer Helps Covid Pups Adjust to Normal Life

August 10
22:59 2021
Dog owners can now have pandemic pups trained to become obedient and well-mannered lifelong companions.

During the pandemic, a lot of people opted to adopt dogs to serve as their companions and help ward off loneliness during the lockdown. The upside is that a lot of people indeed have companions to help them cope with the separation from their friends and relatives. Plus, a lot of puppies get to have new homes. The downside is that, because of the lockdown, these pandemic puppies were not able to socialize with other dogs. They were not exposed to other humans. And they did not receive the proper training they need to become obedient, helpful, and behaved pets and home companions. Even older dogs developed bad behaviors during the pandemic.

According to Susie Aga, owner of Atlanta Dog Trainer, “Since the pandemic started, a lot of people have gotten dogs – we call them Covid Pups. But because of quarantine, people weren’t able to let their puppies socialize with other animals and people. Because of this lack of exposure, dogs are now dealing with reactivity among many other issues.” Here is where Atlanta Dog Trainer comes in.

With over 30 years of combined dog training and dog behavior modification experience, Atlanta Dog Trainer is the leading dog trainer in the Southeastern United States. Dog owners from across the country and even from Europe go to Atlanta Dog Trainers to have their dogs trained.

Now that the country is steadily opening up again, a lot of owners are having issues with their dogs. Susie says, “separation anxiety is a big issue now that owners are returning to their jobs and are traveling again, dogs are having separation anxiety disorders. Even dogs who were trained before the pandemic are having issues with separation anxiety after living in the family home every day over the past 17 months.”

Atlanta Dog Trainers offers a wide variety of services including Boarding and Training, Group Classes, Private (one-on-one) Training, In-Home Training, and Dog Aggression Management. Owners with special needs can also have their dogs trained in Therapy, Emotional Support & Comfort, and Special Needs. Atlanta Dog Trainers also offers Agility Training, Dog Pool Services (Dock Diving, Aqua Therapy, Swim Lessons), Boarding, Doggie Day Care, and Doggie Day School. On top of these, all rescue organizations that recommend Atlanta Dog Trainer can avail of the organization’s Doggy Daycare services and use their training facility for meetings and adoption days as complimentary service.

“Our training classes have been amazing at helping to reverse the bad behaviors caused by quarantine and the pandemic,” Susie proudly announced. To know more about Atlanta Dog Trainers’ services, visit

About Atlanta Dog Trainer

Atlanta Dog Trainer is the premier dog training and behavior modification center in the Southeast. Its goal is to help create a lifelong friend in people’s dogs by making them more obedient, confident, well-mannered, and more enjoyable to be around. The team is composed of Certified Canine Behavior and Training Specialists who are focused on training with respect, consistency, and trust, led by Susie Aga, a national expert on canine behavior, who has provided extensive support and contribution to the canine training and behavior modification industry.

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